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Aug 29, 09 11:32pm

Missin' video games, but it's not H1N1!

Not something I announced, though I did mention offhand on GameGrep and my Twitter that I'd be headin' to Taiwan for a couple weeks (oh goody) to visit family. Let's be clear -- if this is a vacation, sure doesn't feel like it.

I told a friend that I would be visiting the hospital here (one grandfather was there), and it turns out I did -- because I got massively ill. Taiwan has a major H1N1 problem, it seems, so serious that school has been postponed in many places. The recent typhoon that hit the south like an Asian Katrina didn't help the situation for this island nation either. So I was taken to a hospital, which turned to be a really new one run by a Buddhist global aid group and funded purely by donations, so that was a major relief; I have a massive fear of Taiwan hospitals from a bad experience as a child.

They thought I had H1N1 at first too, but it turned out to be food poisoning. My blood test was rushed due to the apparent urgency of my symptoms -- debilitating fever, muscle soreness, other unpleasantness that some of you don't want to hear.

Never been happy in my life to find out I had an awful bacterial infection, let me tell you. NEVER BEEN, and probably never again.

Also, I miss video games a lot. I ordered Batman: Arkham Asylum and Army of Two, so at least one game will be waiting for me when I get back. I definitely cannot wait to try them both. Most people assume I reviewed the first game, so I keep getting asked about it. That depresses me, because I want to play it SO BADLY!

Have a pleasant weekend, people.

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Dine_Agoti Aug 29, 09
That sucks something fierce. Hope you get better.

Arkham Asylum is awesome, you'll be quite happy when you get home, I assure you. Army of Two is a blast to play if you have someone to play it with, otherwise I'd hold off on that one. I'd play with you, but I only rented the game.
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RabidChinaGirl Aug 29, 09
Yeah, a college buddy talked me into playing it. Said he'd co-op with me, since he's convinced I'd like it more than the Gears of War games. It was a little over $20.00 new, with shipping, so I thought, "Why not?"