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Aug 12, 09 2:58am

A game you should be excited for!

I was surprised and saddened that the Shadow Complex forum on Neoseeker is grossly inactive. Actually, it's inactive period, except for some random postings I do when new stuff arises.

Alright, maybe not that surprising, but this is a game I think more people should be excited for. The "hardcore" or "hobbyist" gaming community might dismiss it as something too casual, seeing as how it's an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, while "casual" gamers might think it inaccessible because it's a platformer featuring guns and sci-fi elements... and it's developed by Epic Games, along with their sub-studio Chair Entertainment.

But seriously, this game is worth a look, if you guys haven't already. It didn't receive much fanfare during E3 2009 with all the other big titles coming out -- mostly from EA and Capcom -- and the motion sensing craze. Really though, it's won a few "Best of E3 2009" awards from those sites. You know, the ones who get paid more and buy exclusives and pocket money directly from the industry.

As some of you may know, we talked to lead developer Donald Mustard and his lovely PR agent / wife Laura, and they were both very much excited for the game. Seriously, I had not met a PR rep who was so into the game -- or gaming in general. It really helped sell an already good idea to me, and I was lucky enough to receive an XBLA code yesterday for a review copy of Shadow Complex.

It should really draw in sci-fi fans as well, because the game takes place in the world of Empire, created by Orson Scott Card, best known for Ender's Game. So really, you know from the beginning that with some of the folks behind Gears looking over this project and Scott's creative contributions, it's gotta be kosher at the very core. The fact that Donald admitted it was inspired by his love for platformers (more screenshots and stuff via link) like Metroid and Castlevania is awesome too -- the game is inspired by some great predecessors.

And now I shall go back to my review playthrough. Shadow Complex will be out on August 19, and I hope you will read the review when it's published on Monday.

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kik36 Aug 12, 09
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Why thank you! Don't mind if I do

This is another of those rare moments where I wish I had a 360. Ender's Game was a fantastic book, and this game is looking to be right on par. I'm looking forward to your review. Now please excuse me while I go sulk and am forced to watch Netflix on my crappy PC instead of my nice HDTV.
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chautemoc Aug 12, 09
Didn't realize it was in Card's universe -- now I'm jealous as shit.
I'm a huge fan of his...
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Redemption Aug 13, 09
Man its been so long since I read that book. Maybe I'll pick it up after I read my Recluce stuff. Reading this blog has pumped me up for the review
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Sam96 Aug 14, 09
I have not a clue why Im reading this.
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RabidChinaGirl Aug 15, 09
I have no clue why you're commenting.
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Sam96 Jan 26, 10
Because I have nothin else to do. 0_o