Due out later this year, a new Arkham shall rises. Batman: Arkham Knight will grace the new... posted about an hour ago

Late last night, American composer Martin O'Donnell announced he had been fired from Bungie... posted 5 hours ago

Well, considering they've only released Megaservers to HOTM, I assume you now hate HOTM.

Some of... read more

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Riot Games and their faithful following have bid U.R.F. Mode a fond farewell, as the... posted 2 days ago

Titanfall: Expedition is expected to arrive this May, and this weekend at PAX East, Respawn... posted Apr 13, 14 12:09am

Below will be heading to PC, meaning the next adventure from Capybara Games is no longer Xbox... posted Apr 11, 14 4:20pm

Update: Looks like Microsoft and Respawn have improved their response times. An updated posted... posted Apr 10, 14 12:37pm