Jul 26, 15 4:24pm
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Jul 23, 15 4:45pm

I knew they would release a Fallout Anthology but--... Not this soon. Bethesda, why. read more

Jul 23, 15 12:54pm
likes Symphonic Abyss' Neoseeker news: Fallout Anthology packs previous PC titles into one Fat Man mini-nuke

Learning from one's mistakes is a good principle to live by, and one which BioWare might have... posted Jun 11, 14 1:48am

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was extensively showcased behind closed doors at E3 this year,... posted Jun 13, 14 10:46pm

Jun 24, 15 4:06pm
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E3 is seriously just around the corner, so what does EA do? Drop a Mirror's Edge teaser. A rather... posted Jun 08, 15 5:55pm

Epic Games announced Fortnite three years ago in June 2012, with no clear release window in sight.... posted Jun 08, 15 10:53am

Fortnite will be entering closed beta this Fall on PC and now Mac, Epic Games announced today. The... posted Jun 08, 15 12:02pm

The Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program finals are well underway, and Warner Bros.... posted Jun 04, 15 2:43pm

ArenaNet has revealed a new legend for the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Revenant class, and his... posted Jun 04, 15 10:39am

With two weeks left before E3, Activision and Vicarious Visions have unveiled Skylanders... posted Jun 03, 15 11:27am

The Guild Wars 2 Gem Store is due for a good clean-up, so ArenaNet has removed numerous outfits... posted Jun 03, 15 7:47am

Black Tusk Studios, Microsoft's very own in-house developer in charge of the next Gears of War,... posted Jun 03, 15 1:19pm

Mighty No. 9 developer Comcept today announced with Deep Silver the existance of the Mighty No. 9... posted Jun 03, 15 10:59am

Fallout 4 has just been officially announced by Bethesda, complete with an early screenshot and an... posted Jun 03, 15 6:53am

Jun 03, 15 11:12am

Hmm, should say House of Wolves! House of Devils does sound cooler though. read more

Jun 03, 15 9:34am

quote S-I-E
That trailer sent a cold tingly feeling down my spine. You guys know what i'm talking...
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Jun 03, 15 7:52am

Shadow of Death Unconfirmed right now, but I seem to recall reading that Fallout 4 takes place... read more

A Metro Redux demo has debuted on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, offering up a hefty chunk of... posted Jun 02, 15 11:20am