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Poro! Freljord! NEW SUPPOOOOOOORT!!!!

The latest from Riot Games is a League of Legends animated short titled Trials of the Poro, and it is mind-shatteringly adorable. Then again, would a video featuring a poro be anything but? Aside from the cute little protagonist, Trials of the Poro.....

So I wrote this thing after playing BioShockInfinite Burial at Sea - Episode Two, because I really couldn't help myself. For all my dislike of timey whimey shit, I can't NOT fall in love with the writing for the feelings that it evokes. Her dialogue with "Booker" was just beautiful.

Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Neoseeker. Beware of major spoilers! A week ago, BioShock Infinite came to a conclusion with part two...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt won't see the light of day until February 2015, developer CD Projekt announced today. With how utterly ambitious the game is, a delay isn't entirely surprising, albeit still painful. A rather heartfelt open letter from the s....

So I wrote this review the other day, about THIEF, mostly explaining why I love the game. I know that's not the popular opinion out there, but I do recommend this game wholeheartedly. At the end of the day, you WILL enjoy it more than the majority of reviewers out there claim.

Rumors of a Thief sequel came to being long before Eidos Montreal’s 2013 announcement, but who could have expected a Thief reboot? What could possibly need changing? Now, just about a year after the new Thief game was unveiled, we are reint...


The right-wing conservative group NLF, or The National Liberty Foundation, has posted BioShock Infinite anti-immigration propaganda on its Facebook page. I guess they agree with Washington's message: "It's our holy duty to guard against the foreign.....

Wrote this today. Hope it goes to good use.

So you bought an Xbox One or plan to pick one up soon. Then what? What exactly are you going to do with the console? Picking up a couple games would certainly help, but Microsoft has made a point of selling the console as more than just a game machi....

Happy Harrowing!
My money.

If you were super excited about Titanfall's release March 11, 2014 and wanted to spend $250 to prove it, what would you ask for? How about a big-ass Titan statue? Respawn Entertainment was thinking the exact same thing, which is why in Titanfall's $....

Catch the flu. Start zombie apocalypse.
Thresh is my husbando.
I love my new avatar. Haters gonna hate.
I always pick the winning team.

Eight teams entered League of Legends' North American LCS Summer Split, but only one reigns supreme. Cloud 9 HyperX defeated Team SoloMid SnapDragon in a stunning 3 games to nil, proving that no team in North America will stand in their way of the c....

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