I am currently unemployed looking for a job but i plan to go to itt to learn about computer drafting design and one day eventually have my own game design company.

My favorite type of music is classic rock,old school punk,some metal like Metallica.

Country SUCKS!!!

Sorry if that offends any one.

I also like Linkin Park especially their latest album Minutes to Midnight which i definently recomend buying.

Im currently banned till the 18th of December (one hell of a christmas present... thanks NEO [angry]) so im limited to PM only so send me a message if ya feel the need.


playing psp games:MGSPO,GTA;Liberty city,SOCOM Fireteam Bravo And Need For Speed Carbon.
and PS2: NFS Carbon MGS2&3 Spiderman3(was a pretty good game and definently better than the first two)
Note:I have a PS2 but im grounded (freakin sucks!) but before that i played all the games in MGS series:MGS1,MGS2,MGS3.


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Oh, how the world would be a better place if everyone thought how Snake does.
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