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Name: Josh Burnside
Age: 17
Occupation: Unemployed
Skate Boarding
Playing/Listening to Music
Video Games


Here I'll put a little about myself, and some of my favorite games.Anyway, here it goes[I will try to keep this updated regularly].

-Update 6/21: I took out the Favorite Games section for now[Until I find some better Pictures for them, and such.], and am planning on putting on some of the better banners I made on here. Added more NeoFriends.

-Update 7/11: Took out banners for a Current Banner and Avatar type thing. More updates to come soon, hopefully.

-Update 7/16: Added the Top Five Favorite PS2 Games section.

-Update 7/23: Thanks to KSheth I got some color in the background.

-Update 8/1: Added the Music section, and some other little things.

-Update 8/3: Added the Gaming Section, which will be updated periodically.

-Update 9/25: Took out the Top 5 Favorite Games section, and added the Favorite Forums section in its place. Also changed the greeting picture its not the best quality picture, but I like it.



Artist of the While:
Hot Hot Heat

Album of the While:


Current Banner and Avatar




What I'm playing now, and whats next.

Last Finished
-7/15: Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time
-8/6: Xenosaga Episode 1 (Second Time)

Currently Playing
-Hitman 2: Silent Assassain

Up Next
-Mega Man Anniversary Collection


Under Construction... For a While.