Ryan D., you have been fragged by the computing penguin.

Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.

YAY!! Another Reviver has joined us. Man, Steve said that, really. Damn, man. Well, least you know to help the forum. Thanks dude, hope to see you in the forum.
Yeah yeah I signed your book soooooooooooooooooooooooo ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....there thats enough lol j/k good luck on Neo cuz.
WAZUPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! YOur pretty cool, man!!! I already signed your guestbook, but no hurting signing it again!! ROCK ON!!! HOPE TO C see you around the forums, and thanks for signing my guestbook!! PEACE
Hi there Ryan! Ahh nice to see a cusin of Steve here, hehe.

And new here I see, I hope you get to like it here, there are many kind people around here..

See ya around the forums

Hey Guru, so your the cousin of rpgmaster 44 thats cool, well, your cousin helped me alot when i first came ot neo! Well ummmmm...I really..dont...know...what...to.say..ummm...well iguess I'll say I'm #2 to sign RPG_Guru44's guestbook!
Hey, how's it goin' Guru? Welcome to the Breath of Fire IV forum. You'll have alot of fun there. Anyway, Justin (final fantasy master) is a close friend of mine, I know him in person, and he knows that I was just joking! See you around...

From: Mike Campo