shadowfalcon ROBsupplier
Jun 2, 13 1:10pm
Great experience! I will do this again. Fast and no problems on his end!
Supadag ROBsupplier
May 18, 13 11:13pm
Quick transaction A+++ Will buy again!!
devious ROBsupplier
May 11, 13 10:36am
benmabe ROBsupplier
May 4, 13 10:49pm
Smooth and fast very trustworthy helpfully seller will do more thanks man
Prometheus1 ROBsupplier
Apr 18, 13 7:46pm
Fast and smooth transaction. Will def do business again.
Prometheus1 ROBsupplier
Apr 15, 13 10:26am
smooth transaction will def do business again
Towerofpain ROBsupplier
Apr 15, 13 9:52am
bought 700hp was fast and save thank you so much will buy agin
Mario5800 ROBsupplier
Apr 4, 13 2:45am
Releable and fast!
Mario5800 ROBsupplier
Apr 4, 13 2:44am
Releable and fast!
tkh5677 ROBsupplier
Mar 28, 13 2:32pm
Just bought 540 hps from this good dealer
Unknownflames ROBsupplier
Mar 7, 13 2:36am
I mistakenly sent $600 for 600hp. He denied it and informed me. This is the only seller I buy from
azethrille ROBsupplier
Mar 7, 13 12:55am
Very good
Jsamalaguy ROBsupplier
Mar 5, 13 12:10am
He did everything he could to make sure our trade happened. Thanks ROBsupplier!
cvlai2000 ROBsupplier
Feb 26, 13 10:19am
this is my first time to deal, and I m feeling great!
cvlai2000 ROBsupplier
Feb 26, 13 10:17am
fast and efficient transfers made I am first time using this and feel good
dtr1059 ROBsupplier
Feb 26, 13 1:28am
Great trader, cant say enough. He will get the job done honestly, fast and at a fair price.
benmabe ROBsupplier
Feb 23, 13 10:05pm
As always very fast can recomend to everybody trusted seller thanks man
rsch14 ROBsupplier
Feb 20, 13 5:58pm
Good communication, got my order in a quick manner!
dtr1059 ROBsupplier
Feb 20, 13 12:22am
You are the man. Fantastic deal and faster than I ever expected.
rabidwolf ROBsupplier
Feb 17, 13 10:34pm
I have bought numerous times and had super quick, fast responses and all successful transactions. When he is out he went out of his way to meet my HP needs. Thanks Rob
markkki69 ROBsupplier
Feb 3, 13 1:39pm
fast and easy transactions, while triple checking to make sure everything was working smoothly. Thanks a lot!
hpseller89 ROBsupplier
Jan 31, 13 12:18pm
great experience. this guy does it right. highly recommended.
benmabe ROBsupplier
Jan 29, 13 1:06am
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benmabe ROBsupplier
Jan 29, 13 1:00am
Great trustwordy seller honest and trustwordy
Fast and clean work wil buy again!!!!!
Funny13ones ROBsupplier
Jan 28, 13 12:59am
Bought another 1000hp transaction just as smooth as before.