Procurian ROBsupplier
Dec 26, 12 8:02am
Just bought some hp off him. He is about as legit as you can get! Added him as a fellow too because I will most definitely come back to him if I need more
cardmancoll ROBsupplier
Dec 26, 12 7:31am
Amazing seller. Super fast transactions. Thank you!
Speedstack2004 ROBsupplier
Dec 25, 12 9:30am
Thank you for your help and support!
BigBlue ROBsupplier
Dec 24, 12 10:44pm
Great seller. Fast and legit, thank you.
demonicjoe ROBsupplier
Dec 24, 12 10:07pm
best price best service 10/10
Towerofpain ROBsupplier
Dec 24, 12 1:20pm
Bought 200hp was super safe and fast thankss
kokek ROBsupplier
Dec 24, 12 1:05am
Just bought 1k hp, fast & smooth transaction

super highly recommended, will do business again
Funny13ones ROBsupplier
Dec 23, 12 9:43am
Second transaction went just as smooth as before
parsa ROBsupplier
Dec 22, 12 10:30am
Smooth transaction! He did all the work! Thanks
ncarlo ROBsupplier
Dec 21, 12 11:34am
mate, thanks for the quick reply.
easy transaction. wil definitely be a repeat buyer.
Svennebanan ROBsupplier
Dec 20, 12 5:34pm
Done business again and all went smooth and fast I would recommend him to other people
s000109210 ROBsupplier
Dec 20, 12 5:05pm
Picked up some gear at great price, super friendly, super smooth! My new best friend on neo! Thanks bro!!
ariesword ROBsupplier
Dec 20, 12 4:48pm
Thank You for the exceptional service. It was extremely fast and well worth it.
cardmancoll ROBsupplier
Dec 20, 12 1:03pm
I'm a very satisfied customer This seller is legit and very professional. I ended up giving him my login details to my acct. and within seconds I had hp in my acct. He will refund your money if he fails to transfer the hp. I vouch for him and you can definitely trust him.
jgbentz ROBsupplier
Dec 19, 12 11:37pm
Thank You! I am now a Long Time Customer!
Funny13ones ROBsupplier
Dec 19, 12 10:19am
Bought 370 hp was easy to work with great communication will def vuy from again
anax555 ROBsupplier
Dec 18, 12 10:53pm
Thanks you so much! Got my az so fast and smooth. I am very appreciate that and willing to buy another one in future.
loirichard ROBsupplier
Dec 18, 12 10:36pm
speedy, legit and a pleasure to deal with.
beebow ROBsupplier
Dec 18, 12 2:57pm
quick and easy trader! thx
EddieJr ROBsupplier
Dec 18, 12 2:22pm
It was a pleasure doing business with you, got my Enki fast and easy. Thx u
rabidwolf ROBsupplier
Dec 18, 12 11:23am
very fast, honest and trustworthy dealer. Pleasure doing biz...
swashy ROBsupplier
Dec 17, 12 12:13pm
I acted as middleman for this seller. Process went smoothly
Cautioner ROBsupplier
Dec 17, 12 10:40am
Thanks so much! Super easy and fast!
demonicjoe ROBsupplier
Dec 17, 12 8:32am
fast and friendly, 10/10
cardmancoll ROBsupplier
Dec 16, 12 11:03am
Very satisfied with his service. Trustworthy, polite, and made sure I get the hp. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thank you again. He deserves a star.