majawriga ROBsupplier
Jan 27, 13 6:49pm
Really fast, trust trader , will surely use again.
Highly recommend.
majawriga ROBsupplier
Jan 27, 13 6:47pm
Really fast, trust trader , will surely use again.
Highly recommend.
Funny13ones ROBsupplier
Jan 27, 13 12:06am
Bought 1000hp. Had a few hicups but resolved very nicely will come back again. 4 transation with him cant go wrong
alstern357 ROBsupplier
Jan 24, 13 8:49pm
Friendly, good communication with patience, and safe transaction. Thank you very much!
Funny13ones ROBsupplier
Jan 24, 13 6:52am
Once again very good seller. Cant go wrong with him
Gavstar ROBsupplier
Jan 24, 13 6:49am
professional, smooth, efficient, safe. Highly recommended.
loirichard ROBsupplier
Jan 23, 13 3:43pm
purchased over 5k from this guy, quick speedy and great customer service.
runahime ROBsupplier
Jan 16, 13 9:57pm
fast, trusted, friendly, and also man of his words !!

this guy is the best ^^
chatsworth ROBsupplier
Jan 16, 13 4:37pm
Another 500 hp, flawless deal. Found someone I trust and will not buy from anyone else!
buzzcut ROBsupplier
Jan 15, 13 3:16pm
Excellent safe measure in sale. Will do business with again
chatsworth ROBsupplier
Jan 15, 13 12:58am
One of the best I have dealt with, people like ROBsupplier keep Neoseeker going. Cheers, mate.
loirichard ROBsupplier
Jan 12, 13 9:25pm
totally legit and awesome customer service
Sagras ROBsupplier
Jan 11, 13 5:01pm
Everything went well and in a efficient way . Thx again!
BigBlue ROBsupplier
Jan 8, 13 11:23am
Bought from this seller many times. Always fast easy transactions. Highly recommended.
BGK ROBsupplier
Jan 8, 13 9:28am
Awesome transaction, couldn't have been easier. Thanks very much. I will be back.
EddieJr ROBsupplier
Jan 7, 13 10:52am
i give him my main account by mistake but thank god my stuffs are still there... definitely a trusted seller (but i still need to change my password!!! haha)
P.S: keep up the good work dude
anax555 ROBsupplier
Jan 7, 13 10:45am
Return to get some hp again. Process went smoothly as usual. Definitely a great seller.
chatsworth ROBsupplier
Jan 7, 13 9:59am
Thanks for a very smooth deal, will buy again!
dkxiva ROBsupplier
Jan 5, 13 1:34pm
three words: fast, simple, and reliable.

honest and friendly dealer, definitely recommended if you're unsure of who to purchase from.
nimdro ROBsupplier
Jan 4, 13 5:00pm
Solid interaction, no scams. Thrust worthy guy
adjustedx ROBsupplier
Jan 4, 13 3:43pm
Just bought HP. Trade was smooth and communication was great!
cardmancoll ROBsupplier
Jan 3, 13 7:20pm
Super fast service and great experience! Highly recommend him!
ariesword ROBsupplier
Jan 2, 13 12:50am
As always, fast and courteous service.
agi80 ROBsupplier
Jan 2, 13 12:24am
Just bought 500hp, great seller, very smooth transaction
nisei3579 ROBsupplier
Dec 26, 12 1:02pm
purchased 1600HP from seller. smooth transaction! highly recommended!