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Nov 21, 09 1:10am

Round and round
Of the people i've seen

You hold up your goblet
And it does not gleam

You look in the tree's
And you see something fly

And then you thought
You were going to die

Around the room
You see and fall

You listen and learn
And heed this call

Some guy said cool
Then said Fred

You are sick
And now in bed

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Nov 20, 09 1:16am

From rows of crowns
To the black misty sky

Although your done but
You don't want to die

You check in the lake
For a wonderful treasure

A woman pops up
And say's what's the matter

The guy,he tells
The lady the truth

The woman listen's
And needs some proof

He bring's the lady
To a sad lonely place

He's yipping for joy
And cuts off her face

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Nov 19, 09 9:39pm

Love is fine
Of beauty devine
Of worlds you ever wonder

But you just don't know
When the black bird's crow
Of the thing's that are down under

But don't be damed
At the world's at hand
Of thing's you never know

When the white bird's fly
In the beautiful sky
People have start to grow

Around and round the people flew
To the black gates and the mighty screw

You look around to see where your at
You thank god even though your not that

Just be thankfull you are well
And not in the devil's mighty hell

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Nov 17, 09 1:48am

Valcanoes boil
The ground shakes
The Fury is here

Molten lava flows
Building's collapse
The Fury is here

The ground explodes
Everything dust to dust
The Fury is here

The aftermath is done
Life still lingers
The Fury is still here

A lost civilization destroyed
A new world is in order
The Fury is still here

Life is still in danger
The volcanoes are boiling
The Fury will always be here.

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Nov 17, 09 1:43am

Autumn is here,and
There's nothing much to do

I might Watch Oogie Boogie
Make some snake and spider stew

Halloween is in the air
And Mr. Monshroud is here

Your pumpkins will have faces
And people will whine in fear

Little kids are on the streets
With candy in there little bags

Ghouls,goblins,ghost galors
But dont forget the hags

Even though your dead,
Jack is my friend

But make sure you say hello
Right in the end.

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Nov 17, 09 1:37am

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Nov 17, 09 1:37am

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Nov 17, 09 1:36am

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Nov 17, 09 1:28am

Summer was great
Summer was warm
I should'nt worked at the farm

When my life see's
The most wonderful sky
I should'nt have hit my sister Shy

I used to be rich
But now im poor
Soon i will not be here anymore

my home town's in Bonita
people there had great looks
sooner or later I'll be living in the woods

My life will soon be over
Some people gave us baskets
Soon my body will be in a casket!

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Nov 14, 09 1:46am

all you see is people hurt
like the sting of a bee
the pain...oh,the pain

all you see is people being shot
shot down like a dog
the pain...oh,the pain

everyday you see loved ones hurt
you see them in caskets
the pain...oh,the pain

back in the day you see pikes
with heads on them
the pain...oh,the pain

in the future you see war
mostly death and destruction
the pain...oh,the pain

right now you see a bird
who is shot,bleeding,and struggling
the pain...oh,the pain

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Nov 14, 09 1:40am

The "Pain" is here to see
our loved one's hurt

The "Fury" is here to see
our live's burned

The "Fear" is here to see
us quiver in fear

The "Sorrow" is here to see
us remember what we have done to others

The "Joy" is here to see
us laugh and be happy

The "End" is here to see
us returned from whence we died

Then The "Truth" is here to
let us remember everything from our lives.

brandon lephart

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