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Jul 22, 14 8:43pm

I've just returned to the site after a couple of years of not using it. And I remember now all of this. So many memories of this place. I've kinda missed it, honestly. I just went back through all of my old blog posts and messages and just.. Wow.
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Jun 21, 13 6:19am

My clan division [HoBo] is expanding, and looking for new recruits. As a clan, we hold challenges where you could win up to 3000 Microsoft points, as well as weekly game nights (Saturdays @8:30 EST), scheduled meetings and more! To rank up in the HoBos division, you must recruit new players and attend meetings regularly. We do have rules in PR; No racial slurs or bullying towards other players, and you must be 15 years or older to join (There are no tryouts or K/D Ratio requirements!). To join, simply add the clans official gamertag: PR HoBos XA, as well as mine: RHJ44 PR.

Should you have any questions about the clan, potential position openings, or help with scheduling, contact me at either my Gamertag (RHJ44 PR), or PM me using the Neoseeker private messaging service.

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Aug 25, 11 9:00pm

I realise now that I don't come here often, and even if I do, I don't have many friends that are still here... So I'm leaving. Deleting this account, and never coming back... If you actually care about this, feel free to email me, the address is in my profile.. At the ende of next week (Thursday) This account will be gone. So... I guess this is goodbye.
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Aug 04, 11 7:59pm

Phosphor is what its called. With a pretty good vareity of weapons, this game has been losing people to play on it. not too many do anymore, which is kinda sad, its a great game. Though there are two downsides- 1, there's only one map, but it has a ton of good spots for you to roost on and snipe, and the only other bad thing is the fact that there are no vehicles. There is no registration, payment, or download required, so check it out today, and we can save Phosphor from being deleted like the countless other great games from the internet. I mean, it is free, all you need to play is a computer, keyboard, mouse and hand-eye coordination. Try it today at:


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Jul 14, 11 11:41pm

Honestly, do people have to be such dirtbags, that go around, purposefully making your life a living hell? No. They don't. And I'm not talking about that stupid kidover there who bothers you every now and then. I'm talking about those snobs that think they're better than everyone because their parents have a higher income than yours. And they make sure everyone knows too. They don't say it casually, they blurb it out to the entire world, so everyone knows "I'm a much lesser person thn you, rich bitch!" I'm really getting sick of this. STOP FLAUNTING YOUR INCOME, PEOPLE!

And another thing, don't you just hate those people that have to make a big deal over EVERYTHING?! I mean, you answer this question wrong and the have to go "You're so stupid!" They're the kind of people I loathe a very large amount. Those who believe you are a lesser human being for answering question number five wrong.

I swear, the last kind of people I hate are those people that have horribly hygeine and go to the store, a family get-together, whatever, unbathed. I swear I walked past this woman in Walmart and she smelled lke a few rats crawled under her armpits and died. I mean, is it so had to just take a quick shower?!

This has been my Rant. Have a nice day.

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Jun 28, 11 7:48pm
You fight me! Flat on my lonely face I fell.. Finally in the end I'll live well..
Mar 29, 11 12:28am
"I'm invincible tonight, just take a look into my eyes!"
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Mar 09, 11 12:38am
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Mar 09, 11 12:27am
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Mar 09, 11 12:21am
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Feb 13, 11 7:24am

Alright. Props to Redemption for bringing this to mind for me, and making me think about what IS better? A handheld Console, which you purchase games at the store for, or an iPod you can download games from the internet for?

I mean, to many of you, this may not seem to be a very interesting topic, but it intrigued me from the start. So, what IS better? An iPod with which chages quickly, stores music and can surf the web, or a handheld gaming console, which (Some) can hold music and surf the web, but aren't as effective, can take pictures and play games.

So, discuss, argue your points, etc.

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Dec 20, 10 1:54am
Panem et Circenses
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Dec 15, 10 8:44am

I can't wait for my new book to get in from the High School Library! If you know me, you know I LOVE to read, it's more addicting than crack for me! Anyways, if any of you have ever read the Thrillride of a series, "The Hunger Games" Then you know what I'm talking about! I can't wait until Tomorrow! The latest book: "The Mockingjay" is coming in, and I can not wait! I love this series! If I have any Fellow Katniss/Peeta/Cinna/Portia/Haymitch fans out there, why not post about how much you adore their characters? Take it into thought, and there WILL be more posts to come!

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Dec 09, 10 6:00am
Hoping his GF isn't cheating on him... ;~;
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