I love video games i remember when was a kid getting our first home gaming system Pong made by Tandy co.had to hook it up using UHF on the back of the TV and switch to channel 3 man playing that game day and night thinking it just cant get any better then this! hey i was a kid and i was wrong. better is not the word for it more like HOLLY! CHICKEN! CHAIR! i don't know what that mean but it's work for me. OK so now i been just collecting games as well as playing them so what next designing a BIGGER SCREEN! every gamers dream so years later i design and sell a paint on HD daytime easy all in one projector screen my gaming screen went from a 64" HDTV to 120" 16:10 movie screen GAME ON!


Collecting and selling factory seal mint retro games, designing and building pc gaming cases and computers, designing and making HD crystal goo paint use for painting huge gaming projector screens, game systems mods,
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