_Events Class (Gen VI)_ Every Sunday m _Events (Gen VI)_ February 1st, 2015. 8: Hi there, I'm looking to add a

_Need this desperately for a Bagon breeding project, and given up failing to find any Bagons in Meteor Falls whatsoever. Will

So as the title states, I'm looking for some hidden ability females that I'm trying to breed as non-shiny 6IV pok& Please take a moment to come and visit my s

So it seems things are going slow here on the Trading Forum right now!! Basically, if you've got something I haven& My new main shop is now up and running

Currently creating my new PokéShop in the Shopping District!

Let's just get this straight I suppose, it's not a giveaway as such, but more of a warning that if you are wonder tra _HEY TRAINERS!_ _After a long, over-extended abs

Anyone got a team that needs players? My pro is 82 and plays midfield or upfront. I play after 1am UK time. Quote or tag me i

As the title says really! Take a look through my spreadsheets and see if you have something that I haven't. Then simpl

Need to get started properly on my Kalos shiny and Apricorn ball collections!!
Week off from work, let's get trading!!
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