If you want to follow my progress, follow the Twitter account I made specially for this by going to https://twitter.com/Arsen

Hi there! I'm looking to the wonderful people of this Trading Forum to help me run and maintain my new shop over in th

Hey, me again :) I'm looking for any and all untouched event Pokémon! If it's not on my list I'm intere

So I've managed to get down to GAME today and pick up codes for both my X and Y games. If anyone knows if one code can wo

If you have any of them, please either PM or leave a message http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49446/t1998076-updated-with-gen-

http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz315/RDStokes90/shopbanner_zps200ff500.png _STATUS: ONLINE_ _WELCOME ONE AND ALL!!_

Looking to build my collection of Kalos shinies. (National dex 650+) Vast majority of Pokemon have been received in trades

Cloning and PokeGenning, PM for details!!!!

Hi there, This is my new service cloning 6th gen pokemon, but I will only be offering to clone Kalos Born shiny pokemon on

So the list of all my events so far can be found https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8uxgUe_VuAoUFFaMENObzF2R2c/edit?usp=sharin

After putting a bit more research into creating custom legal pokemon, I am now opening this up to everyone. I am willing t

I have 4 male Litleos to give away, the result of attempted shiny breeding! All level 1, natures are rash, lonely, gentle and

Hi guys and girls, So I've been seeing a lot of people offering custom pokemon on here, and after a bit of research ov

I'm looking to start my collection of Generation 6 shiny Pokemon, as I have a fairly extensive collection of the previous

So I've completed the pokedex on both my X and Y games with one of each pokemon in the boxes, now my next challenge is to

May not be high value but better than the pittance usually got from EA after winning online! Can be player or coins, and any

We're in Division 8 and currently in our 4th season, and have only been playing with 2 members. We usually play after mid

As the title suggests, I'm looking for the two aforementioned pokemon in safari, having added a couple of people on here

Right so I got X on the day the games came out, and completed it (story anyway) before buying Y. All I want to know is does t

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