My urge for Animal Crossing was satiated by Tomodachi Life. :D
Man, I'm really nostalgic for Animal Crossing right now, but I have no time to play it. :(
Too many games, too little time.
Just had Ender's Game spoiled by the same teacher who assigned it to me.
Also, Daft Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk
Sony wins this gen.
God, I'm feeling nostalgic. First I'm obsessing over Sonic games, now I'm reading through old PM's. Terribly embarrassing, but nostalgic.
5H-fQ46!x <== Secret code....
Just learned to snap. :O
Just discovered Gamegrep :O
Yaay No more numbers! Yaay!
Open to any Creepypastas in the spirit of Halloween!


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