okay wow it's been ages since we've last talked and it's hard to believe it's been what four years since i first met you? like what the actual. your sign thingy made me remember how much i miss you guys uGH I'M GETTING SENTIMENTAL THIS IS NOT OKAY but i remember a couple of years ago we were battling on pokemon diamond and your voice was like extremely high oh god those were the days and as i'm typing this i realize how much all of us have changed and i don't like it we're going to be freshmen in hIGH SCHOOL AND WHEN WE WERE ON THIS SITE LIKE 24/7 WE WERE WHAT FOURTH GRADERS WHAT IS THIS THIS IS NOT OKAY you need to like text me or something or email me(stephenie.santilli@aol.com) because we have like years to catch up on skaldlqlxlaldkwlslaoxqjdoql hope to talk to you soon<3
Hey. You seem to have a good taste in cola so I'm signing your guestbook.

How I long for a bottle of the discontinued RC Cola Premium Draft. I think the only place you can still get it is New Zealand. Hmm...

To my friend who I haven't talked to in a long time. Don't drink it all in one sitting.
I just noticed, its your third year on Neo. -GASP!-


...just sayin'.

    Hola. I has new stamp. I got bored.


Stamped By Me!

Thanks RC, you have been quite a big influence in my return. Expect to get another signing from me when I make my official return. I am just now starting to be more active but I have not yet made my official return. Thanks RC Cola King 32
Hey! I see your ten, too!

So am I! I think we could be good friends! See you round'!

Well, better sign...

-zuidy A.K.A jamminzuidy@aol.com!
Hey RC, thanks for the sign. I'll try to get that pic soon. No worries. =)

Love you too,