NextHanna RC Cola King
Jun 21, 13 11:57pm
okay wow it's been ages since we've last talked and it's hard to believe it's been what four years since i first met you? like what the actual. your sign thingy made me remember how much i miss you guys uGH I'M GETTING SENTIMENTAL THIS IS NOT OKAY but i remember a couple of years ago we were battling on pokemon diamond and your voice was like extremely high oh god those were the days and as i'm typing this i realize how much all of us have changed and i don't like it we're going to be freshmen in hIGH SCHOOL AND WHEN WE WERE ON THIS SITE LIKE 24/7 WE WERE WHAT FOURTH GRADERS WHAT IS THIS THIS IS NOT OKAY you need to like text me or something or email me( because we have like years to catch up on skaldlqlxlaldkwlslaoxqjdoql hope to talk to you soon<3
Dynamite RC Cola King
Apr 5, 12 12:50am
Hey. You seem to have a good taste in cola so I'm signing your guestbook.

How I long for a bottle of the discontinued RC Cola Premium Draft. I think the only place you can still get it is New Zealand. Hmm...
Shadow Bob32 RC Cola King
Jul 21, 11 11:48pm

To my friend who I haven't talked to in a long time. Don't drink it all in one sitting.
NextHanna RC Cola King
Jun 25, 11 3:12pm
I just noticed, its your third year on Neo. -GASP!-


...just sayin'.

NextHanna RC Cola King
Feb 2, 11 4:50am
    Hola. I has new stamp. I got bored.

Zuidy RC Cola King
Jul 27, 10 7:11pm

Stamped By Me!

Thanks RC, you have been quite a big influence in my return. Expect to get another signing from me when I make my official return. I am just now starting to be more active but I have not yet made my official return. Thanks RC Cola King 32
Zuidy RC Cola King
Jan 6, 10 2:45am
Hey! I see your ten, too!

So am I! I think we could be good friends! See you round'!

Well, better sign...

-zuidy A.K.A!
NextHanna RC Cola King
Jul 10, 09 8:04pm
Hey RC, thanks for the sign. I'll try to get that pic soon. No worries. =)

Love you too,