Let's get this underway. HoennGrandPrix
The ssb news today, and dat Mega Metagross trailer. My body can only take so much.
6800 posts. Only 13,200 more posts to go until I get that shiny black icon. <3;

Americans, are you guys doing anything today? Think I may go watch fireworks later on today, the weather did a complete 180 f

Found my copy of Pokemon Emerald after months of searching! Hoenn

Ok, each day we will be taking a look at every new and retro course. Discuss it and give a rating for it out of 5, with one b

http://i.imgur.com/9eKyc2v.png Hi folks, be sure to stop by the kart shops to be certain that your karts are in working co

So, how do you think the Amiibos will work in this game? Will it be similar to Super Smash Bros in the vein of more powerful

I didn't realise I've wrote so often on your wall LOLOL. Well at least it's fun. >:)
Quilladin > MegaPert

So how many hours have you put into the game so far? I currently have 21 hours.

After that shocking end to RAW, the trio are down to two. :( Should The Shield get a third member? Who do you think would

So which setup seems to be working out best for you? I usually pair a Lightweight with the Biddy Buggy/Landship + Rollers + B

Earthbound and Pikmin 3? That's fine, I didn't need sleep anyway.

Countine with the birthday wishes guys. Evan5567: 7th CrystalLaser: 7th Dannnnn: 8th Phi: 10th Morrigan: 15th Watara

So, yesterday I spent the entire time playing Mario Kart using my TV. Today is different. I've been using the Gamepad so

Why are you still awake. GO TO SLEEP HO.

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