Hey! Welcome to my NeoHome! I coded the entire thing myself, including all the graphics and image maps that you see here. Unfortunately, there's still the little problem I'm working on with the annoying anchor tags which will hopefully be worked out soon. You know, the fact that whenever you click on a link the page moves down. Yea...hopefully that'll all be fixed sometimes soon XD I'm pretty sure I know how to do it, but it might make the page really slow. I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice speed for looks... There are also a few other bugs I've noticed, such as the "Bio" bug. Hopefully I'll get that sorted out too T__T...

A lot of people loved my old NeoHome and gave me comments on how hilarious some of the content was, so hopefully that'll entice some other people to read it as well. I loved all the compliments that I got on my old one, and I'm sure that this one will bring many more. Afterall, what with just getting PS I did create it to me somewhat artistic, and that includes fitting every definition of the word "entertaining." XD

A lot of people also thought the original story of my NeoHome was funny, so that's now moved to the "Random" part of my NeoHome.

A gret deal of the content in here is stuff that I nabbed from my old NeoHome. So if any of it sounds a bit weird, that's probably because I wrote it ages ago. @__@

I always love to hear things about my NeoHome, whether it's tips, comments, or suggestions. If I get enough comments I'll eventually probably add a comments section to this thing. So if you have anything to say, or are willing to spare the time, drop me a PM! ^__^

Thanks to harvestbmg for making me this adorable amazing banner! ^__^ I'd definitely use it if I didn't already love my current one!

What? What’s this you say? I already have a biography? Oh my, so I do! Wait a minute…that’s the story of my LIFE…what about the story of…ME?

Anyways, this is a bunch of random info all about moi, from my pet peeves to the things I love the most.

I love music…not as much as I used to, though. After I got my heart broken, I lost interest for…everything. I’m pretty much a rocker, but I’m sort of sensitive about what I listen to…it has to have a certain…beat to it? For lack of better words >.<…My favorite bands are Atreyu, Disturbed, and Ill Nino. Atreyu is my favorite out of those, though! I used to listen to a lot more stuff, like Slipknot and whatnot, but I got bored and changed.

Lol…what can I say about lol. Lol is the most GOD-AWEFUL WORST thing ever created online. I can’t stand it – it ticks me off SO badly. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER see me using the word “lol”, UNLESS!! …UNLESS, I’m making fun of n00bs, such as: “LOLZERS OMGFTWLOLOMG.”

Brb, omg, wtf…those aren’t so bad. I’ll never use them on the forums, but I do use them whilst talking on AIM, MSN, or Yahoo. I just think it’s better to type things out, I don’t want to be a lazy a**.

I don’t mind swearing, really. It’s a word. I won’t use them on the forum, but if you talk to me on AIM, MSN, or Yahoo, you’ll notice I use them a lot. I also use them in real life a lot, too >.<…It’s. Just. A. Word.

Oy, it drives me crazy when people don’t capitalize their “I”s x__x…I always do. I never capitalize them on AIM, MSN, or Yahoo, though XD…too lazy. I always do it on the forums, though. And the first word of every sentence…god, I like to be able to know where your sentences start, please!

You know what I can’t stand? When people ask me things just because they’re lazy. When I ask a question, I only do it after I’ve searched for the question myself, and I have absolutely nothing left to search for. I can’t stand it when people are lazy and ask questions without attempting AT ALL to find anything out for themselves. It makes me so freakin’ mad.

Here is a list of my friends. These are NOT all my friends XD They aren't even half. The thing is, a lot of people I don't well enough to make a full description about. That, and I only make fun of my best friends =D Just so I know when they can take a joke or not. So unless we fit the description of "friends," you're not on here.

Unless...I really did forget you. In which case sorry o__O

They're supposed to be in alphabetical order, but something got messed up so I don't think it's completely in order. So basically, they're in no particular order XD 'Cept shane. He's first for a reason... :D


Ohi bb :D I wub you <3

I won't get all mushy in here again, on accounta you know how I feel about you. I don't wanna get all teary eyed in here cus it's vewy vewy late ;-;...

But yea, I'd start quoting our chats with Angie but I have a feeling I'd be banned. So I'll just leave it at, "I LOVE YOU AND UR MY LIFE K????"

See the REAL description on MSN ehehehhehe :D

Oh, I guess you deserve a place in here too...

Hahaha XD Well then. You're always fun to talk to, especially about graphics and whatnot. It's always interesting to see what you come up with when you link me to new creations.


If they don't, they should. I don't think people appreciate him enough for what he does for us, what with putting up with complaints and bug reports, as well as the multiple suggestions I'm sure he gets every day. He doesn't have to do what he does, and by doing it, he makes a lot of our NeoLives much easier. So thank you Art, for being an awesome friend, and giving all of NeoSeeker the wonderful NamFox. ^__^


XD I love you D: ... Don't let Shane know k? It's gotta be top secret. You're one of my best friends, though things have never been the same ever since you blamed tek for something...you destroyed everything I believed in, "Always blame Krunal."


Aya Chan
Angie, I can't believe you. D: Ever since you introduced me to Toy Box, I've been addicted. DARN YOU ANGIE, DARN YOU!

I s'pose it's okay D: I'm taking revenge by picturing you dancing to Tarzan and Jane, so it's aaaallll good =D

Thank you for having the most awesome chats ever with me and Shane. Threesomes wouldn't be the same without you!


Why hello fellow Harvest Moon mod :D For a little while anyways...

Maybe someday I'll actually send out those secret cupids for you. That is, if Red doesn't ban me forever for it. Tell 'ya what, you give me something nicer to say, and I'll send it to the entire staff.

Country Girl
Ashleigh! ^__^ I remember when we were promoted together. You're an awesome and loyal friend, and you don't deserve a lot of the crap that people give you. I know your life is changing a lot what with meeting new friends and other various things, and even though it means you're being torn away from all of us here on the forums and on Neo in general, I'm happy that you finally get people who appreciate you.

Dark Arcanine Awww D: You always brighten up my day when you PM me just to say that I'm beautiful. Even if it's just a friend, you're a very special friend who's almost TOO sweet. You need to find yourself a nice girl who will appreciate you and love you lots, y'know ;_;

Dark Dom

Oh well. Whatever your name is, you'll always be my Dark Dom. Now you just need to paint a permanent smile on your face, and all will be good!

If only I was 4 years older... :( And over there. *sigh* WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL?

Hahaha XD I'm glad to see you're turned your frown upside down. It always makes me sad when Nigglet is upset. Especially when he's too upset to make that pr0n...uh...cool dance music that I love so much.

Awwww there's Manny =D

Man, are you one frustrating person to talk to XD Y'gotta stop leaving all the time in the middle of conversations, eventually my head will explode or summat...

But I still love you. No matter how many times you sign out you're still the same, sweet Manny <3

Wtf I'm insulted


How about...

If I never met you, my heart would be breaking right now. I'd be so sad sitting in a little hole wondering when the sun will shine on my pitiful life, as I cry and hold my face to fight back tears. Now that I have found you, my life is better, happier, more free. Thank you Manny, thank you for setting my heart ablaze! Thank you Manny, my 10 inch wonder!

Better? =D



Srs bsns though. You owe me girl talk, I NEVER GOT MY GIRL TALK! Poor Jodh, with his spammy forum and people always trollin' around there. Oh well, I GUESS THAT MEANS YOU'RE JUST POPULAR HUH?


SOMEDAY I SHALL MAKE YU PROUD D: I will be big srs battler who actually knows how to use a Gengar and make it gud.

Awwwww :D You're so nice. T'was fun when we were both screaming on MSN because we got our first mod spot. Too bad Fusion had to demote .___. I miss you in the modding world, and on MSN. You never talk to me anymore. I should kick you in the shins.

And just so you know, you will never be anything but BLAHBLAHJR to me. That, or Rump...but I always forget Rump, so yea, BLAHBLAHJR =D

Oceanic Sun
What a strange child you are...

BUT STILL NICE. Hehehe. You're too sweet D: And you make the most interesting videos. I never get bored when I watch them XD

Oh how I love it when you laugh at my jokes =D Assuming you actually do laugh, that is.

I try so hard y'know :( It feels nice to believe that there could be someone who actually thinks I'm funny...

We always seem to have the most interesting conversations. It it stops, I'll hunt you down. And that cardboard head will be in your bed every morning until you start being interesting again.

Oh yea, almost forgot.

You are such a strong person. I know many people say that internet relationships never work out, but I just know that someday I'll be seeing an "Orez and Avalith irl marriage" thread in Loungin' one day. YOU GO GIRL!


Seriously though. Your members are lucky to have a sweet moderator like you, you're so nice and understanding. ^~^ You're so friendly to everyone that you meet, and friendship is o' so important to being a moderator. May the future bring you many more friends 8D!


You need to talk more :( It's not super fun talking to an away message...

Y'know I'll always be your friend if you need me. You need to be happy and wear lots of smiles for me, k?

What a strange child you are D: Even more strange than Oceanic Sun...

Srsly though. I love you...even though sometimes I just want to hit you over the head with a big boot. Shane's boot. It's big and heavy ;-;

Midnight Blue

If you don't come back I'll... I'll...beat you with something. SOMETHING RATHER PAINFUL. And it won't be my ban hammer cus Mishtram says it squeaks when I hit people, that doesn't sound very painful to me ;-;

What can I say? You're pie without a brain.

You are a super good graphics person D: Good enough that HMDS has your banner up right now!

You're also super duper sweet .____. <3

if i told u i leikd ur body, wud u hold it against me? :D


I mean hugs ofc D: How dare you think that...

Mish, thank you for being a wonderful super. I love how you find the perfect balance between "serious" and "fun," and you don't mind throwing in a smiley during a srs bsns conversation. Makes me feel like I'm actually talking to a person and not some perfect robot :

But seriously, it's not every day I can call a super a pedo and get away with it =D <3

Meggggaaa! ^__^ I have to say he's one of the sweetest people I know. He always stands up for me in HMDS whenever one of my stupid friends comes in to make fun of me hahaha XD

He's one of the reasons that I don't demote from there - because I know that the people like him don't want me to leave.

And I'm not just being arrogant. I know that because I said I was demoting and everyone flamed me XD

Nautical Nonsense

Srs bsns : Your dad needs to stop grounding you. When it comes to the point where I ask people "What'd he get grounded for this time?" and they know exactly what I'm talking about, you know that's bad =D

All jokes aside, you're a wonderful Neo son, even though you always disappear... ): If I were your mommy irl, I'd ground you and force you to not leave your computer desk for a month. THAT'S how you ground a kid!


No srsly =D I've had many a good chat with you and am just dying to have more. It's especially fun to see your DPs that you make yourself and try to figure out wtf it is... ;-;

I remember the first time I met you, you were introducing yourself to me and I passed myself off as some crazy nutjob who is obsessed with her forum and all its members.


Srs bsns though. There's no word to describe how incredibly awesome you are ): Why'd y'hafta leave us? I'd kick you in the nuts if I didn't think you used them often.

Ever since my first NeoHome, alot of people have been asking me for requests, so I decided to add this to my NeoHome. ^__^

I have two types of requests: Graphics and NeoHome. I'd be more than happy to supply you with either, but if I get too many requests, alot of them may take some time.

This year I seem to get so many projects and so much homework, so unless it settles down, I may be limited on time. Even my weekends are busy. Because of this, the sets and NeoHomes may take longer for me to do. Please read below to see details on each of the request types. ^__^

If you would like me to make you something, please supply me with as much information as possible. In the past I have accepted requests with very limited information, but because I'm strapped for time, I may not be able to get it done for you as fast. If you would like me to get what you want as quick as possible, please follow the forms EXACTLY, thank you. ^__^

WARNING: I tend to change what people say, alot, when making requests. That's not to say you won't get what you want, but sometimes I learn something new or think something will look really cool, and I add it myself. I've never added something that someone else didn't agree with, so obviously what I'll change isn't bad, but please note that anything I do, both graphics and NeoHomes, can be changed. ^__^

n e o h o m e

NeoHome Notes:

Time: ((1 Day))
Time may vary depending on what I'm doing at the time. I know that I did one NeoHome in just a few hours, including the graphics, so if I'm not busy and your request isn't too much, it won't take me any time at all.
Includes: ((Coding + Graphics))
Your NeoHome includes graphics along with the coding, both of which are created by myself.

Please follow this format EXACTLY as it says here. Thank you. ^__^

COLORS: Are there any color schemes you would like me to use? If you can supply me with a color code, that would be great. If not, just tell me some colors "black and blue" or "orange and red" or something along those lines, and I'll try my bet to fit it in.
IMAGES: Are there any specific images you would like me to use in your NeoHome? Where would you like me to use them? For example, in the banner, the header, the background?
FONT ONE: Would you like the font to be big? Would you like it to be small? Is there a specific color you would like me to use for the font that would match your background? Again, color codes would be great, but if not, I can choose one that I think will fit the background even if you just tell me, "Please make it an orange color!"
FONT TWO: When I say font, I don't mean you should tell me what font you want. Actually, if you really do have a specific font that you want, just let me know. I have hundreds of fonts on my computer, so chances are I'll have what you want!
LAYOUT: This part can get a little big confusing. When I say layouy, I mean what do you want it to look like? Do you want there to be scrollboxes, such as in my NeoHome? Do you want it to be text straight down? Do you want the boxes to be beside each other in a form, such as two boxes, then two underneath, then two underneath those, etc.? I know that this is the most confusing part to explain, so it might help if you show me someone else's NeoHome and say "that layout" so I can work something out with you.
SECTIONS: This part is a bit confusing too. What do you want to show off in your NeoHome? This can be anything like a friends section, biography, links, your banners, your threads, your forums, anything. Just let me know what you want to go in it!

I believe that's all, for the NeoHomes at least. ^__^

g r a p h i c s

Graphics can mean anything from a banner, an avatar, or a stamp. Depending on what you want me to make you, please follow the form below VERY carefully. ^__^ Follow the link below which will lead you to a preset private message to me. Please don't erase anything, but feel free to add things. Thank you! ^_^

Please note that I may or may not be able to get you an animation. The thing is, with the program that I have, whenever I save something as .gif, it messes the entire thing up. The only thing it seems to not have a problem with is greyscale, so if you want an animation that bad, it'll have to be grey. ^_^

To make things easier for you, I've made three links. Please choose the one that most closely relates to what you want, thanks! ^_^ If the one that you want isn't up there, please rename one of the sections to what you want, PLEASE tell me what it is you want me to make, though. ^__^

COLOR: Please tell me any specific colors that you would like me to use. Saying "ummm you choose" will make the request come much slower, so please just give me straight out what colors.
IMAGE/S: Give me one or two images to work with, please. ^_^ I can't go surfing the net for pictures that I may not know, so please provide a picture for me to use.
FONT: What kind of font do you want? You can give me a specific font if you want. I have hundreds on my computer, so I may have it. If I don't, I'll pick the closest one that I have to it. Or, if you don't have a font, you can just say "curly" or "scary" because I have plenty of fonts to match your needs. ^_^
TEXT: What do you want it to say? If I think it looks empty I may put your name on it, but I can always take it out! ^_^
OTHER: Is there anything I'm missing, or any other things that you want to be added to the graphic? Please be specific! ^__^

Time to flash the camera!

If anyone needs to talk to me, or would like to talk to me in general, you can do one of two things: PM me::: Private Message

MSN me::: faytes_baby@hotmail.com

I have absolutely no problem with people adding me, just as long as you tell me who you are once I accept the invite XD Some people ask, but you really don't need to, unless you want to introduce yourself first in PM before adding me. Either way is fine - I don't mind meeting new people.

Sorry I don't have the other messengers. ^__^ I actually have a Yahoo, which is faytes_baby also, but I'm rarely on it. I could get on if someone asked me to, but I don't get on on my own unless I'm talking to Shane on the mic. It's just much easier to stick to one messenger.

If you have MSN and want to talk, I'd rather use MSN over PM. I mean, if it's something quick then PM is fine, or if you don't want to add me, but long conversations over PM really frustrate me. Usually in the time it takes someone to reply, I've completely forgotten what we were talking about, and end up going "...wait, what? o__o" every ten minutes XD

6 DECEMBER 2007 ~ Harvest Moon: DS
13 JANUARY 2008 [[ - 13 FEBRUARY 2008]] ~ Harvest Moon: Heroes
9 FEBRUARY 2008 [[ - 23 FEBRUARY 2008]] ~ Metroid Prime: Hunters
22 FEBRUARY 2008 ~ Pokemon: Diamond
25 JUNE 2008 ~ Loungin'

c o n g r a t z
Harvest Moon: DS
Harvest Moon: Heroes
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Pokemon: Diamond

In my old NeoHome, I had written a big speech on how I felt about my forums, and my moderator. I'll keep that below for reference, but I think it's about time I've written another one, huh? =D

This time, my big 'ol speech is about Diamond.

I could tell so many stories of how people disrespected me when I first came there, just because I didn't have the game. God knows I they made me feel so out of place, and really, I was. I'd never been to the forum, I'd never played the game, and I never even touched a DS. I looked around and had no idea what was happening, what anyone was talking about, and where to go from there. All I could think about was how angry everyone got when I told them I didn't have the game. But of course - how could I lie?

But now it's completely different. Everyone ignores the fact that I don't have the game - unless they just forgot XD. Either way, it makes me happy when people thank me for doing the things I do, when people encourage me and tell me what a great job I'm doing. Maybe they don't mean it, maybe they're trying to make up for how they acted, maybe they're just being honestly sincere in what they say. Whatever the case is, I love them all, and I will never regret modding there. ^__^

o l d : : :

I first became a mod on December 6th, 2007.
To be perfectly honest, it's one of, if not the top, best feelings I've ever had. The forum was filled with great members who were more of a family than anything, really. I remember a few people were asking me to become a mod, and it only made the feeling better to know that the members actually wanted me there.

My second promotion was a temporary spot in Harvest Moon Heroes ((HMH)). Harvest Moon DS ((HMDS)) had many mods before me; Sakura, DENNISEA, and probably a few others that I don't know about.

The best thing about my promotion to HMH was that I was the first mod. I'll admit that it was scary at first, because I had to pave the way for other members and mods to come. Setting up the forum and turning it into a community was much harder than HMDS, even though HMDS had ran up to a 260PPD. But the fact that a lot of the same members from HMDS were there to let me know I was doing a good job, helped, and eventually things calmed down.

In all, I can't believe that I became a mod so soon, and I guess I owe it to MR for seeing something in me, and giving me the chance to do some good in the forums.

People tell me I'm the best mod the forum's ever had. They tell me I do such an awesome job, and that they hope I get permanent spots in all the HM forums. If any of them read this, I want them to know that I love them all, and although they think it's me doing all the work in the forum, it's not. It's not the mod that makes the forum. It's the members. Without them, there wouldn't be a place for me there. So instead of thanking me, thank yourselves!

As Fayte Would Have It
Plunge yourself into the story of a mysterious girl, who's too proud for her own good. Watch her as she meets new people, and ultimately changes for the better. Filled with cliffhanger endings and descriptive images, "As Fayte Would Have It" is sure to kick you out of your sear.

"It was soft. Whatever it was the dagger had hit, it slid in easily, perfectly. Fayte twisted the bone hilt, anything to get this horrible creature off her. As soon as her hand had taken a stab, her neck was released. She could feel a warm, soothing liquid flowing on her fingers, down her hand, down her arm. She listened to the dripping on the rock below, this fine liquid was coming out in steady streams, without any signs of relenting. She did not take it out.

The Dark that was Poetry
Check out my poetry! Some of it's dark, and some of it's not. But all of it is good! ((At least, that's what people tell me <3 ^_~))

*Sample Poem*

Banquet of Lost Souls
Soul party of the lost and weary,
Gathered at the hall so dreary.
Feasting on the shattered hopes,
Feelings that you can't let go,
At the banquet of lost souls.

Oppressing the unstable minds,
holding down with wretched binds,
blocking off the rays of know,
at the banquet of lost souls.

Daunting festival of death,
pilfering the ending breath,
cashing in their lethal tolls,
at the banquet of lost souls.

So when the dawn escapes the night,
lost and weary end their fight,
letting go their fatal roles,
and leave the banquet of lost souls.

Canada Gallery
Like Canada? Have you ever seen the sunset from the edge of a cliff? I have. Be sure to check out these gorgeous views, right from my aunt's backyard!

This is the old story of how my NeoHome came to be. I'll be keeping it here for those people who liked it, and for those people who haven't read it yet. Basically, it's my version of what it was like to code my last NeoHome XD

I thought it might be fun to share with you all the story of my NeoHome! It’s designed to make you laugh, make you cry, make you pi** yourself in your seat! I hope you brought diapers folks, because this is ONE heck of a ride!

NOTE: Sorry to Jon ((Zephyr)) for making fun of you. It’s just so easy, and extremely hilarious <3

It was a bright, sunny morning in the middle of the end of some random week of a season that I sort of forget. A member of NeoSeeker had just completed her NeoHome. But what’s this? She’s visiting another NeoHome? Why…what sophistication! …You can do that with a NeoHome? Wow, I want one too!

After much thought and planning which wasn’t really thoughtful or planned out in any way whatsoever, Quierta decided it would be fun to spend all day on her NeoHome. She signs onto MSN, and screams, “FTW LAWL IM GUNA DEVOT DA HOL DAY 2 MY NEOHOM.” Prancing giddily around her room, she sits down, ready to code.

After much hard work which really wasn’t work and wasn’t in any way the least bit hard, and “WTF ECTO HOW U COD DIS WUT DIS IS,” Quierta was finally getting somewhere! The NeoHome was coming out GREAT, at least in her opinion.

The next morning, Quierta woke up. Time for school! She opened her eyes, and looked at her clock. What’s this? The time was wrapped in… codes? Is this possible? Oh my! What if she got the code wrong! Would she wake up in time? What was the correct code to turn off the alarm? What if she never figured it out! Oh my! What a problem…oh yes, my head’s on straight now. It’s no code, I need to press a BUTTON! Silly me…

It was a week later, and the old “QWEETA WEN IZ UR NEHM GUNA B DUN” “SHADUP JON U SUC I TOLD U IT WIL B UP SON” was getting a bit annoying. Finally, on a dark, cold, stormy day that was really toasty warm, dry, and pleasantly sunny, Quierta made the announcement! The NeoHome was done! After all that easy, relaxing work that was really very difficult and frustrating, Quierta was done! For the first time in a week she did not click the Preview button…she…clicked Finish! The suspense! The wonder! The amazingness that really wasn’t suspenseful, wonderful or truly amazing at all! Oh crap, I totally forgot something…

Welcome to the random part of my NeoHome!

I’m relatively funny, or at least I tend to think so. I’m gonna post funny/random/pointless stuff here XD

You know how today we have the "best insults" like "YOUR MOM!" and whatnot? Have you ever realized that the "lame" ones today, were the shiz back then?

I wonder what the first kiss was like?
CavemanOne: lol im guna suc ur face
CavemanTwo: lawl ok

Rofl sorta sounds like waffle.

Epic Quote:
Unless… you know what I want, and you want me to do it knowing that what I want is the want that you've been wanting… >.>

Real Name: Giovanna
Age: 17
Birthday: September 21, 1991
Location: Massachusetts, U.S.
Sex: Yes, please! ---> ((Female))
Height: 5 foot 1...or two. Me short <3
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Cup Size: Wouldn't you like to know...

o l d : : :

There isn't much to know, really! I was born September 21, 1991. A few years ago I was introduced to HMO, the all Harvest Moon website. It's the largest Harvest Moon fan base on the net. ((At least, it was the last time I was there!)) I left, after some time. One day, as I was playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the GameCube, I decided it was too hard for me. I looked up a walkthrough. The walkthrough happened to be on NeoSeeker! After looking up a few more walkthroughs for a few more games, I realised a trend: all of them were on NeoSeeker! I thought, "Maybe this isn't such a bad site..." then towards the end of August, I believe it was the 30th, I joined! I've been posting like mad ever since!

n e w : : :

When I first came onto the site, I met so many great people in the Harvest Moon forums. They were all so sweet, and accepted me right away even though I was new. Eventually I branched off to meet different people, posting a few times in Loungin' and being IM'd by a few of the regulars there. I met Andy ((Sei)) and he introduced me to a few of his friends, who I started to like myself and became friends with as well. From there, I branched off even more to meet people like Shane and the rest of the Loungin' mods, who are now probably my best friends on the site. ^__^

A lot of people ask me to give them C&C on their graphics. Just a few pointers, though, when making them. Everything I learned I took in from my art class in school, so I'm not just pulling this out of thin air XD And some of it may be mixed up, because it's just bits and pieces of what I remember.

b o r d e r :::

When making a graphic, ALWAYS include a border. It doesn't have to be black, it can be a color that matches the piece, but include one. If there's no border, it seems like the piece has no end and therefore looks more sloppy. It looks like the graphic is going to fall out into a big pile on the bottom of the screen. It can be the most amazing graphic ever, but without a border to hold everything together, it looks messy.

It doesn't even have to be around the entire thing. For instance, as the header to this NeoHome. As long as you give it some shape - give the person some idea of where the piece ends or begins. You could also get away with only putting two borders on it. On the top and bottom, on the two sides, on one side and the top or the bottom - just let us know that there's something holding this graphic together! f a c e s :::

Faces are very influential to how your piece makes a person feel. People connect with other people through the eyes or the face, and it is therefore important to keep the face clear. No text at ALL, and little to no brushes on the face. Especially the eyes. If you cut off a person from the face, they no longer feel that connection with the graphic that they would if they could look at it.

d i r e c t i o n :::

Direction meaning arrows, or the way things are pointing. You never, ever want something directed out of your piece. For instance, arrows. If you see an arrow, your brain wants to follow it. If your arrow is pointing out of the piece, your brain follows it...right out of the piece! It becomes difficult to concentrate on it, because no matter what you'll be drawn to the arrow. It doesn't matter what else is on the piece. However, if you have an arrow pointing in, it draws your attention to looking at the entire piece instead of looking at everything BUT the piece.

Not only does this go for arrows, but everything else. For instance, people. If you have a person who is facing the right, do not put it at the right side of the piece. Your brain will look towards whichever way the person is looking at, therefore making your eyes go off the piece! If the person is looking towards the right, put it on the left side. This creates the illusion that the person is looking towards the center, so you'll want to look there too. It doesn't matter where the eyes are, the person could be looking anywhere. But if the person is turned towards one side, make sure they're put on the opposite side!