Charlie Quierta
Sep 8, 12 2:06am
hay i kno dis is suddn but i alwaiz liekz u, frum da dai i sen u post i fel in luv.

da wai u post maks my hert sink.

bby i just wana sai tht u men the world 2 mi an i want 2 b togetur pls.


okai bai.
Jerk Store Quierta
Mar 22, 11 5:43pm
Hi I have quite a deal for you. I'll give you $10 USD to trample me (barefoot) but you have to drive yourself down here.

Could this be the start of an era where guestbooks become the equivalent to facebook wall posts?

i swear 2 god if u ignore this.......
EHays91 Quierta
Jan 5, 11 3:20am
Olo me amigo!
Me just meet you.
I-oh I'm sorry!
lol! Just thought that I might say hi!
This was just a signing, ya know!
Well, it was nice meeting you!
luanluker Quierta
Jan 3, 11 12:20am
Rememeber that spam i made as Uger? I'm sorry. Heres a little gift. I'll sign your guestbook. PM me when (if) you read this Please!
Jesivis Quierta
Dec 21, 10 10:01am
Dearest Quierta,

Oh dear.. where should I begin?

I remember, so far back, when we both competed for the spot as mod of the HM: DS forum. I ended up losing and I took the loss pretty personally, showing how immature I really was. You definitely was the better candidate to choose from obviously. And I don't mean that in a rude way, it's in a way that is showing I'm honest and have been learning from the old mistakes I have made before.

We may not have gotten along then and maybe a few times in between but I sure had so much great times with you, whether it was just PM or IM, bunches of fun. I'm not sure if I ever made this clear but I'm truly sorry if I ever hurt you or said anything hateful towards you that could have hurt your feelings. That is not the true person I am at heart. I just want to care for people and love them. That's all I really want.

I'm so happy you have been here for me though through everything. Your even going out of your way to create a theme for the paranormal forum, which I am so appreciative of! The members also cannot wait to see what you have come up with, I know you will have done an excellent job though, your Quierta!

Well I just want to wish you a happy holiday and much luck for the upcoming year. Hopefully this stamp I made, myself, will brighten up your day a bit and make you smile, cause you make me smile. : )

Be safe & lots of love,
tonymontanaman1 Quierta
Oct 24, 10 5:11am
nice chatting with ya'll! keep up the art you're talented and should never give up god's given talent...and remember keep smiling !
Shadow of Death Quierta
Jun 23, 10 8:59am
I'll still sign your guest book XD

Protip: If you ever have one of those (you know what I mean!) it's important to be careful when they're underfoot. Mind your steps!
walnuts Quierta
Jun 1, 10 1:03am

This awesome censorship has been brought about because you've been pretty awesome over the last 2 years of my existence, and as such need to tone it down a bit :>

I hope you're enjoying your year, and that there are many happy ones to come!
Pokemonnerd8985 Quierta
May 29, 10 5:57am
Hai been a long time since we talked.
You should PM me sometime so we can chat or whatever!
I would stamp but I does not have one atm =[
Write back
May 19, 10 12:14am
sorry queirta its been a long time on this site do u remember me haha? and ite i will

-i dont have PM privlegges so i have to reply here sorry
NextHanna Quierta
Mar 28, 10 5:27am
(runs in with a stamp, black post-it note and a silver sharpie marker. pulls the cap off the maker and writes on the post-it note:) "Hey Vanna! <3 I Have A New Stamp, So I'll Sign It." (puts the cap on the marker, sticks the post-it on her guestbook, then stamps it with her awesome stamp)

"<3 Steph"
D_C_Martinez Quierta
Mar 23, 10 1:20am
are you having fun with them i just bought the heart gold on mar17th and the soul silver on the 21st. have you seen any have all badges codes for this game yet?
Darkking Quierta
Feb 12, 10 12:41am

I don't remember if I ever signed your, and you most likely don't care. But w/e XD
NextHanna Quierta
Jan 10, 10 1:31am
Sad to see you leave Pokemon Diamond Quierta.....The fourm was awesome when you were there! I hope we can be friends!

<3 Steph ((If I stole your color sowwy I thought it was lighter!))
poppy34 Quierta
Dec 24, 09 9:00am
Hey Quierta!
Thanks for helping me with My past TOT issues (:

Just wanted to wish you a
Merry Christmas and Happy newyears!

Harpie Lady Quierta
Nov 28, 09 9:40pm
I was in the mood to stamp ppls, so here you go.

You've been stamped by the lovely Harpielady
Clubpenguingirl1 Quierta
Nov 3, 09 9:01am
Mr Sponget Quierta
Sep 21, 09 6:03am


ok ok where do I start? This is suppost 2 be vrry awesome OK OK OK. so furst i'd like to start with a poem that has been written by the critically acclaimed writer known as Matt G________


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Vanna...
You are 18 and youre an adult nowwwwwwwww
but you still are coooool enough to put up with mah 16-year old boy antix anyhooooooooow
you go to collleggee to get your knawwwwwledge
but you stilllll make the flight to jupiter to visit me
although you risk becomin stupiderrrrr
so letz have fun and be besties foreverrr
but we gotta make this birfday be one to rememberrr


Kissin' Sawnuks Under The Purple Barracuda
'Cause Cudas Are For Lovers, Ku-Ku-Ka-Chomp!
Yeah, Baby, They're Making Love Under The Baracuda Tree Without Me...

...Or You, Apparently.
We're Just A Pecker And A Butterfly Peeping Under The Barracuda Tree.

I CANT EVEN FIND A GOOD SONG :REDR: Maybe pix will do the trick of expressan dese birfday wishes?

That was a terrible picture. Does this mean I have to be serious and express with words? Well okay...

Vanna, you're the greatest friend I ever had. You rock and our conversations are just epic because they involve you on the other end. Am so glad you take the time to talk to me erryday. although dis is just the web i think we can easily be bests forever. ;54; Have an amazin birthday and may it be one to remember. Bein 18 is something to be happy aboot. :3 You'll have a great time bein in college and THERE'LL NEVER BE A DULL MOMENT.NOW I'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE AND LET YOU HAVE AN EPIC BIRTHDAY.

I think that was good...I should really stop thinking about going to college and just get a career writing Hallmark cards. I will be the best.


Dragon Warrior1 Quierta
Jul 30, 09 7:48pm

Somewhere down the road, I came across the closest friends I could ever find. An immaginary road filled with people whose faces I've never seen before, and yet, I consider you as an important part of my life, whoever you are, out there in the real world.

If you've gotten this guestbook signing, you are on my friends list. Being on my friends list is something special, if you don't already know. All of you here who get this are very important people to me, even if you do not still remain here on neo to see my appreciation of you being my friend. Because you have this, we have history together, whether it be long lived or short lived. Whether we met in the casual forum topics, roleplay(s), clans in various forums, or through other people.

So, thank you for being my friend for all this time, and I hope to continue being friends.
NextHanna Quierta
Jul 29, 09 5:55pm
Hi Quierta! I really like your NeoHome. I used to live In Massachusttes, too. If you want to be friends, just drop me a PM.

min Quierta
Jul 24, 09 10:35pm
I can tell this is a great start to a great friendship, lol, see you around. - min.

The Champion Maniac Quierta
Jul 20, 09 8:35am
Hello!I was thinking of a funny title since you are a moderator.Well since I don't have a Pokemon Stamp,I'll give you a stamp of Shadow! You can sign my Guest book in Return if you want.If you want to be friends,PM me!

STAMPED!!! See ya around!
Xyn Quierta
Jul 4, 09 8:31am
Vanna Banana!

Haha, I'm so glad you tried to find out who I am because otherwise I wouldn't have met you/spoken to you. :3 I'm a scaredy-cat (Do people still use this word? Haha) when it comes to meeting people. XD
You're (an) awesome man. Talking to you always entertains me~ Hopefully you don't think I'm annoying and/or stop talking to me. ): It would be such a shame to lose a good friend (Or as good as we can get after a few days XD)

XYN <3
Various Quierta
Jun 4, 09 5:54am
Well, after severely hurting my feelings because apparently you "don't care" if I return a nice message, I'm going to anyway.

In all honesty, I think some reverse psychology was happening, so therefore you saying you don't care would actually make me think you do care and then I would sign your guestbook.

ANYWAY, I'm also glad that I added you, although it was on a whim and I just felt like doing it. I've enjoyed or conversations so far and I think that you're a sweet and intelligent girl.

I never thought anything of you because I didn't know you and therefore didn't think that you were an asshole/bitch. Although I can't say this for other people... >.>

Here's to future friendships and everlasting bonds?

Idk, something like that.

i love harvest moonn Quierta
May 13, 09 2:14am
Hello Quierta! I'm on a signing spree today to pass some time! I'm signing people who visit the loungin' forum often! I'm even signing the mods also and right now this is my second singing post cause i started about 10 minutes ago and the first person i saw on the first page of loungin' was Capn Droid. So I hope you like my little signing spree guestbook sign i typed out for you! Your the first mod i signed so be proud! By the way this is the first signing spree that i ever did on neoseeker because this other guy signed my guestbook saying he was a signing spree so i started one myself!

Hope you like my guestbook sign!,
i love harvest moonn.