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Feb 4, 11 10:49am

Some time ago when I first came onto this site, I decided that the most important people to me should get nicknames. Those nicknames grew into what is now a huge list of friends with nicknames that I came up with on the spot. For my own sanity and for the amusement of others, here are those nicknames:

    Chad: Beula
    Dash the Stampede: Marcusface
    Mishtram: Mishbear
    Misty [GextheLizard]: sexy gexy | whackie jackie
    Shane: Shibby
    Keiichi: Keiichup
    Symphonic Abyss: Macks
    Distortion: Mits
    Daisy: Daisy daisy light and dreamy
    Dark Dom: Domdomdomdom
    Mister Macphisto: Mister Fist
    Kaiba [Oblisk]: Oobie
    Guugley: Goopie | Gooper
    Enigma: Eniggy | Niggydoodle | Nigglet

... I coulda sworn I had more...

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Sep 20, 09 9:21pm

I try to explain how hellish my days are to people, but there's so much to explain that I thought it would be nice to post it in here for safe keeping.

Since college started, my schedule's been insane, I'm constantly doing something. Eventually I'll be more active on the site when I get the pass code for the student lounge and I'll bring my laptop etc. etc. But for now, here's pretty much what I do:
      Mondays, Wednesdays
    7:15 AM Wake up
    7:50 AM Leave the house
    8:28 AM Commuter Rail train leaves for Boston
    9:20 AM Commuter Rail arrives at South Station
    9:35 AM Arrive at the station near my school
    9:40 AM Arrive at first class, Women, Gender and the Media
    10:00 AM Class begins
    10:50 AM Class ends
    11:00 AM Arrive at next class in a different building
    12:00 PM Class begins, Freshman English 101
    12:50 PM Class ends
    1:30 PM Arrive at art school after traveling down the hill to the train
    2:00 PM Class begins, 2-Dimensional Design
    4:40 PM Class ends
    5:25 PM Arrive at South Station after two train transfers
    5:35 PM Train leaves for home
    6:30 PM Arrive at town near home
    6:40 PM Arrive at Home
    7:00 PM Finish dinner
    12:00 AM Go to bed
What does this mean? It means I have a total of 5 hours to myself at home each day, not even counting the fact that I need to do my homework. One piece of homework so far has averaged about 4 hours of work just to paint one 10x10in square with solid color.

I obviously travel a lot, carrying at LEAST my messenger bag with books and papers in it as well as my portfolio with is about 24x21in large, usually with a heavy pad of paper in it. Most of the time I'll also carry an extra art box for my supplies that I need for homework, or a rolling backpack that I'll need to carry up and down the stairs, making people trip over it.

That was only my schedule for two days of the week - the worst days. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I remain at one school but I have two hours in between classes during which I've no idea what to do. Eventually I'll be bringing my laptop and will be able to use that. On Fridays I get out at 12:50 and have NO art classes, which is amazing.

The classes are admittedly not hard at all. Since I love art and already have a well-rounded experience with technique and guidelines I'm pretty comfortable. Even in my English and Seminar classes I'm pretty good. The worst part of it all is the commuting and traveling, which leave me dead by the time I get home, unable to move any part of my body.

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Sep 9, 09 11:12pm

So today was my first day in college.

I got dropped off in Boston alone with absolutely no idea where to go. I was dropped off in front of the building I was meant to go to, so that was ok. But as soon as I walked into the building was when the "adventure" began.

Adventure Redirection:
    I walked into the building with my schedule and went up to the security desk, asking for the class Women, Gender and the Media. His reply is "I didn't know we had classes in this building..."

    Some woman intercepts me and said "I think you need to go to the Sociology Department, it's on the 5th floor." So she leads me there, tells me to go down the hall, and I go in.

    I ask about the class and the woman says, "That's not our class." She calls some people and says "Okay, here's where you need to go. Go down to the second floor and turn right, there's a door, through the door is your class."

    I go to the second floor, find the door, and read the sign on it that says "ALARM WILL SOUND IF OPENED"

    Ok, so it wasn't my class.

    I go out of the building completely and to the school's Welcome Center. I ask them. They say "Okay, here's where you need to go. Go out of this building and take a left. Go all the way around the building and into the back alley to the library. It's in there."

    I go outside and all the way around the building and into the back *ugh* alleyway. I get inside and some kid lets me in cus I was being all freakish with the swipey card thing. I go to the front desk of the library and ask, the girl says "Okay, here's where you need to go. Go around the staircase and follow the signs, it'll lead you to the room."

    So I do, I go around the staircase and follow about 8 signs to my room. FINALly get there, woo!

    I spent about a half hour talking to a girl from a town near me - great, someone to talk to.

    Then someone comes in and says "Class has been canceled."
Adventure Common:
    After the whole deal with the canceled class I had no idea what to do - I had two hours before my next class started. So I decided to go check out where the art school was, which is WAY far off from the other buildings at my school. So we go around the way my mother told me to the left of the common. It took about 20 minutes to get to the school, after passing a woman chasing pigeons with a plastic bottle.

    After seeing the school we had to go back since she was meeting her friend. This time we went the OTHER way and had to walk all the way up the hill - Stair Master 6000 to the max.

    So I essentially walked around the entire Boston common... and still had 1 hour to kill.

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Aug 9, 09 11:33pm

This blog I'm actually writing on the correct date so the date I'm posting it is when I wrote it, unlike the first three.

I took my camera with me to Canada and took a few hundred pictures. Nowhere near as many as I took on my first trip, which averaged about 700 pictures, but the quality came out much better this time due to me having a better camera.

That being said, the 4th of 4 blogs will be a summary of the vacation, illustrated by the pictures I took.

    The Land
The backyard was just as I remembered it from last time - huge and beautiful. I took this from the end of the backyard, the house in the center ((white)) being theirs. That's not the end of their property, but I didn't want to go further so I stopped.

To the right of where I was standing in this picture there's a huge peninsula of a fishing company. What I didn't notice last time, so I'm not sure if it's new or if I wasn't looking, was a small lighthouse on a thin piece of land jutting out into the water. I decided to take a few pictures of it, and this is my favorite:
I was about to go back in the house when I turned around and realized how pretty the rest of the area was, so I turned off my zoom and took a picture using the Beach setting, used for bright sunlight. I like this picture sooooo much:
The last picture I have of the beach property is of the sunset I saw. They were all beautiful, of course, but I have tons of pictures of the sunsets without clouds in the sky, and they're all boring and uninteresting. One night I noticed some really cool clouds in the sky and took pictures of it. Unfortunately, all the pictures got lens flare, something which I didn't notice until I saw them on the computer. So they're all pretty much ruined, but this one was the best of the bunch:
    The Beach
On the second day, I think it was, my Uncle Roland took me and my sister to the beach. This was the same beach that I had visited last time, but only looked at from far away. This time, with the low tide, I got to go down and take close-up pictures. I took loads of the water, such as the one above, from a close distance. They all came out good, but this one was the most interesting, with the splashing of the water.

My sister was wearing sandals and capri-pants, so she was in the water. After a while I got the idea to use her as somewhat of a model, and I had her make footprints in the sand:
I usually don't take pictures of people, but the view and the loneliness of the place was too good not to take advantage of. Honestly, this picture was an accident, but I still like it:
As I said, I usually don't take pictures of people, mostly because of the paperwork that's involved. So I started taking pictures that just used certain parts that didn't include her face so it wouldn't seem as familiar as it was art:
    The Cove
Smugglers Cove used to be a bootlegging business. I don't have a picture of the entrance of the cave, but the cave itself isn't the only thing beautiful about the place, such as the surrounding area in the above picture.

The last time I went to the cove, it was high tide, so we didn't get to go down and do anything really interesting. This time it was low tide, so we got to go all the way across, and I got to see things that I couldn't see last time. For one, there were a dozen little pools of water lying around, which left plenty of room for pictures like these:
I also saw that there was a miniature water fall which was nothing more than water pouring in a stream down some rocks. I wasn't able to catch the steep part that was more of a water fall, but I did catch the stream:
I played around with the settings and decided to take a few different angles, and I really like this one:
At the end, we went back up the stairs leading to the top and went down another set, to the top of the cove looking down on where we just were. There was a small island of a rock sticking out of the water, which I took a picture of, trying to capture the water hitting it:
We took a two day trip to Halifax, which was a 3 hour drive from where we were in Saulnierville. On the first day, we went to Sears, because my aunt wanted to look for shoes.

And sweet Jesus we were there for an hour, trying on every pair, working at it like it was the end of the world if she didn't get the right pair. But I'll talk about that in my next blog about women and show stores.

I was so bored that I had to draw a shoe, above in the picture. Tiny 5 minute drawing that I made while sitting down. Did it in a tiny drawing pad I got, maybe 3x3.5 inches.

On the way into Sears we actually saw this dress that was gorrrgeous. It had a white and black top around the chest area, and the bottom was white but was covered with a black sheer fabric. I tried to draw it two days later when I was bored, but since I didn't have the model to look at i sorta forgot what it looked like, and since I don't know the correct perspective rules completely it was somewhat hard. I drew it quickly in about 5 minutes:
Now, I complained about girls taking so long in shoe stores, but just for the heck of it, at the third shoe store we stopped at I decided to go in. I walked in, looked at the wall, and immediately picked out a pair and bought them.

...Well, mom bought them. But since I NEVER want anything, she was like "PLEASE LET ME BUY THEM" and I was like "OKAY"

They took all of ten seconds to point out, but I loooove them:
They're usually not the style I wear, but I wanted to try them out. But what I looooved was the design on the side:
I was sitting at the kitchen table one day, utterly bored, no idea what to do. So I decided to draw my sunglasses.

The right side is a little messed up because I got lazy and started to lose track of my perspective rules. I mis-drew a few lines and angles, but the picture as a whole came out alright. I didn't go into too much detail with the color and shine because I was just working with a mechanical pencil, and it was only meant to be a quick drawing. I did go into a little more detail as I started picking it up over the next few days, but I don't have too much intention of completely filling it in with detail, shine, etc.
    Going Home
Before we got onto the boat, my grandmother had my mom take a turn off of the road and go down the waterfront. The view was too beautiful for me not to get out of the car and take more pictures, like the one above, and this one:

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Aug 9, 09 7:44am

5 August 2009
    Oh sweet Jesus – the day before we left for Canada we were staying at a hotel in Maine, and my mom's friend came with us to move us in since she was near there at the time. I forget what we were saying, but my sister jumped in with “How do you make babies?”

    And so I, being the clever and witty girl that I am, say “You spit in each others' eye.”

    Later on, my mom's friend was making fun of me because I said I hate it when people touch me. She said “Well I've been with my husband for almost 5 years, and I touch him all the time.” And my sister goes “Did you ever spit in each others' eye?”

    A few days later in Canada, I said “My only criteria for a man is that he has to know how to cook a good steak, and my sister jumped in “And what about spitting in your eye?”

    All the times she mentioned it, she totally wasn't joking. So I'm pretty sure I convinced my ten-year-old sister that babies are made by spitting in each others' eye.

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Aug 9, 09 7:43am

5 August 2009
    The last time I went on vacation it was pretty fun. I took loads of pictures and it flew by. But for some reason this time I'm really homesick – probably because this time I've left something behind.

    The first time I left, I'd been through a bad breakup with my first BF, so it was nice to get away. I also had no friends at the time that were worth missing since my internet time had severely diminished in my obsession over the aforementioned BF.

    This time I was perfectly fine before I left – totally happy, there was really nothing to get away from. Instead I took myself away from my friends and all contact with people who make my life interesting. Those being Shane, Marcus, Jaffers, Sapp, and various other people on here who I've come to consider my friends. Instead I'm sitting here on my laptop that's all decked out in awesome equipment... with no internet. It's like waving my friends in front of my face all the while knowing I can't have them. After reading the above I should also clarify that it's more feeling lonely than anything and not some unhealthy obsession over my friends, which I'll refer to as friends despite the fact that they're on the internet.

    But I think the part that's affecting me the most is leaving my daddy behind. I know he's not doing so well and even though the cancer was gone, I'm more afraid of what he's going through now than I ever had been of the cancer. It's like he's losing his mind, literally. Even though mom hasn't outright said it, I know he's depressed – I know the signs and I'm not stupid. Not that she would try to hide it from me, but she wouldn't want me to worry about it unless I outright asked. But I do know that he's “mentally exhausted” and may be in danger of losing his job because in his mental state he can't stand to work. As if I wasn't already worried about that, we took his family from him. My mother, sister and myself all went to Canada without him and left him alone in the house to look after two cats and a dog. It makes me regret completely that I had ever come on this stupid trip instead of staying home with my daddy.

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Aug 9, 09 7:38am

5 August 2009
    I'm posting this now, but technically I wrote this on a different day since I just didn't have the internet, so I'm dating each piece as I write it. It's also pretty long so I'm breaking the vacation up into a few blog posts...

    First of all, this vacation sucks – I totally regret coming. I bought a looooad of stuff, which I'm happy about ((since I made tons of good deals along the way)), but I'm incredibly homesick, frustrated, and anxious to get home.

    I thought today was Thursday, meaning tomorrow would be Friday – the day before we leave. Awesome, I was so happy. Then I find out it's only Wednesday – TWO days before I leave. Now I'm in a totally rotten mood which you may or may not be able to tell from my lack of smileys and overall emotion.

    Quite a few things have contributed to said mood:
    Everyone here eats constantly. I mean freaking constantly, everyone's around 300lbs. Even if they've just eaten a huge plate of chicken and at least 5 sides, right after they clear away the plates they'll eat a huge slab of pie and offer me and my mother a slice. Of course we both say no because we can't eat that much right after we... ate. But they act like I'm not eating because I'm anorexic or something, when it's really that I just can't handle the stuff they're trying to feed me. I weigh around 110 and I'm on the line of underweight. I eat a lot, I'm just skinny. All these people keep trying to make me eat something, and when I say I'm not hungry they look at me like I have 6 heads – as if it isn't possible that, at any point in time, there's a chance that I could be NOT hungry. They keep asking, and asking, and asking, and they all look at me funny when I deny food. Especially in the morning – I can't eat in the morning because for some reason my stomach can't handle it, I get sick and have to force myself to eat breakfast unless for some reason I'm actually hungry. They all freak out when I won't eat, “What? NOT HUNGRY!!??”

    I know they're just trying to be nice when they offer, but it's incredibly annoying and extremely frustrating when they try to force it on me and give me weird looks when I say “I'm not hungry.”
    At home I do everything for myself. My parents had me so sheltered when I was a kid that now I prefer to do things on my own, and there's very little that I can't do on my own if I was forced to do it. I consider myself a resourceful person and often do things differently to get the right outcomes, but eventually I do get it right.

    What drives me crazy is that down here everyone acts like I'm a baby or some defenseless pansy who can't do anything on her own – especially the men. When I think about it, I realize that they're just trying to be nice, but I wish they would ask for my help and honor my answer rather than take it upon themselves to do my job for me regardless of what I say. There's honestly little more insulting to me than someone helping me without my requesting it personally.

    I was trying to put something in my purse today and I was holding a few bags, so it was a little bit of a struggle. But I knew what I was doing and I was perfectly capable of doing it on my own. But my aunt grabbed my purse and a few of the bags and goes “put it in.” I know she was just helping, but seriously – I can do it myself, I didn't ask for help, I didn't ask for you to touch my bags or to touch me.

    :\ I dunno why it drives me so crazy, because reading what I just wrote I sound like some madwoman on a rampage. I'm just tired of being treated like a fool and like a wimp when no one will let me do anything for my damn self without me having to stand by and watch them do things for me or have to distract myself by saying “No, I don't need help” ten times in a row – as if they don't trust my answer.
    My sister is driving me and my mother both mad this vacation. She's being really clingy and obnoxious, and she has absolutely no consideration for other people. She stops in front of store entrances to talk with someone or to look at something when there are 50 people behind her trying to get out. She doesn't pay attention and she lets people walk into her instead of realizing that she's the one who has to move out of the way when she's standing like an idiot in the middle of the mall.

    She doesn't listen – she deliberately ignores people for reasons that I can't even begin to think up. She thinks she's funny or something, but she's really just making this vacation a lot less enjoyable for both me and my mother, who she feels the need to hang off of in the blaring hot sun, surround in kisses in the most unhelpful situations, and beg to like a 5 year old for things she doesn't need.
    So yea. The week was incredibly frustrating and I'll be totally glad when I go home

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Jan 12, 09 11:41pm

So uhhh...

I'm definitely trying to colorfulize this blog. Klunky has no idea to do it. Like what was he thinking tearing me away from important and people and important work to come in here and blog and write this stuff and totally find all the CSS crap involved on a blog page? Am I so nice I have to do this? Am I so uninteresting that I have nothing else better to do? Is the sky blue? Will Web Developer work right? Have you stopped reading this.


No I'm kidding :3 ilu irl Klunk.

But seriously yea. Departing on another amazing web designing journey during which I will find CSS selectors, become extraordinarily frustrated and ultimately make Nate do everything for me because he's just amazing like that.

So here I go.

Test post, BLAST OFF.

Oh wow ;-; I suck.

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