I sign your guestbook now.... Anyway thanks for adding me as your friend...

Your Sincerely
kupo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .
hey Quetzalcoatl you used to be the kupo person right?
thanks for the sign & heads-up! haven't been here in a while lol

my fave paranormal subject? everything! although i must admit some are indeed scary...like ghosts/voices as i've encountered them firsthand. what i'm most curious however are UFOs & the extraterrestrials. i do check the Paranormal forum & reply to topics that interest me!

you bet i still visit the CC forum - it's my 1st forum stop actually. sadly it's really dead now
Hey Quetzalcoatl!

Thanks for signing my Guestbook! I dont have a stamp anymore... need to make one. Stamp yours too as soon as I have one ^^

My favorite subject about paranormal activity is how you can move things with your thoughts! How about you?


I left Neo early in February but I logged in today just to check some stuff and noticed you stamped my guestbook.

I don't exactly have a favorite paranormal topic. I enjoy UFO's but I am not exactly sure if they fall in the Paranormal category.

See ya around if I ever come back.
Hey, saw your guestbook post.. I'm not on here much so this is nothing fancy, but I like aliens.. many experiences with them curious little buggers.
Hi Oscar,
Thanks for signing my Guestbook! I am here to show my love towards Paranormal things and also to return your favour .
I love searching for paranormal things in GTA SA and in real life. I you find any here is an advice-

And my favourite Paranormal subjects are- Spirits,Ghosts, Haunted Houses/cities, Zombies etc.
Oh and I added you in my friends.
You can PM me to chat with me about Ghostly things etc.
And best luck for for your career and farming!
I love Farmers! I think they are the true people sent from God so that we get food etc.

See you soon,
Take Care.
DarshD .
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

Sorry for the long wait, I was working on a drawing, and for that, I'll stamp your guestbook with that drawing I just finished!

Hope ya like Star Wars!

My Favorite Paranormal Subject?

I guess haunted houses, or spirits/ghosts perhaps.

I studied it some years ago, sightings, captured on pictures, noises recorded by EVP and all that shit.
I was much interested back then, not so much these days, but still a little bit.

See ya around.
Dude, I don't do the Bozo stuff anymore, and it would be nice if you learned how to properly spell Labatt Blue. Thanks for signing my guestbook.
we haven't chated in forever, so im signing for you hope your fine
Hi! I noticed I never signed your guestbook, I knew I'd forgotten something! You are a dear friend to many on Neoseeker and I always enjoy our chats See you around the forums, kupo!

Happy 21st birthday! I hope you have a great day Xere.


Luce x
You signed my guestbook a long time ago, and it's finally time for me to repay the favor. Thank's a lot, you're a really nice person
hi Xerepolis! its me snips, i really hope they make a megamanx9! and megaman zero5, well whats up? well for me im kinda mad, i can't sign in at youtube well i can always re join i guess, well hope your doing good
hehe thanks and nice to meet you. hope we'll be friends. and seeya in the forum of crsis core.
kasdasdjkalsdjkalsdjajjakljjdj now it should be enough 125 chars LOL

how did I manage to NOT sign your GB... strange very strange.

I share your fondness for moogles, and you, along with a few others here on neoseeker have been very encouraging towards me for my ideas on various FF games, and thanks to that, I now have viewable submissions on the hints and tips sections of ff7 and ff crisis core, and maybe soon ff tactics.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the support Xerepolis.
Since you were the first to sign mine, I should sign yours too

What games are you playing right now? I'll check out your profile.
Credit to: Riku Chick

Just stamping back! X3[/color'
Credit to: Riku Chick

Just stamping back! X3[/color'
yeah kuriboh doesnt go on anymore to my knowledge... but he does use a diff. profile called "AtoChansu" XP. supposed to be a secret but... you can tell its him cause of the similarities in posting style.

in fact, he may be using your profile right now through a lent password and i'm too dumb to figure it out. hi AtoChansu!!1
Well, okay, you wanted me to sign back, so here it is. Thanks for your invitation. I know you like the girl in my signature, so here she is again:

Holy *bleep*. That was so long ago dude! Like, six years or so! It's good catching up and seeing familiar text. Glad to know you still remember me, man. Hope to see you around more forums. Peace out, yo.
Awwhss Sorry I didn't check my GB !! I just found your entry right now

Soo... make me a Kupo now !!!!


Kupo !!!!

Heya Oscar, just to say that we all miss you alot in the Crisis Core forum!! You always brighten every day with your kind nature! When you get time, Tim has authorised a Moogle thread, and we want you to make it! KUPO!! -Your spikey green friend Cactuar-
Hehe, it would be a Cactu-oogle! Or a Moogl-ar Thanks for the signing Oscar, you are a true Moogle- spreading luck and charm wherever you go Hope your exams go well. *Stamped by Cactuar*