Well, to start off, I'm Jourdan, and I'm awesome. I work as a cook in a kitchen in a movie theater, and I can make the shit out of some food. Huge music and movie buff, I'm also a nerd, Batman is the best superhero ever (*bleep* Superman), and having a great time is what I'm about. I'm constantly cracking jokes and trying to make people's day better with laughter. I'm actually thinking about starting to do stand up, so there's that I guess. I'm also really into Viking culture and the values they have, those were some badass dudes. I dunno wha else to say, so yeah. If you think we could be friends, I'm down to game or whatever. I'm very personable and friendly and wont't shun anyone, so fire away.


Games: Tons of course. I'll name just a few:
Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Mario, CoD, Batman (Rocksteady's vision), Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Megaman, Mass Effect, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Dynasty Warriors, Demon's Souls,Rayman Origins, Battlefield, and lots and lots of others..

Anime: I really enjoy anime, but only a few are ones that I could watch over and over.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, Mongolian Chop Squa, .hack//SIGN, Outlaw Star, Elfen Lied, FLCL, Speed Grapher, Eden of the East just to name a few.

Music: Too many too list, Anything from folk, to black metal, to techno, to hardcore, punk, progressive, ska, anything and everything really.

Movies: Same as music, way too many. I work at a movie theater and love it. Free movie tickets and early screenings? Damn straight!

I'm usually working then gaming if I'm not hanging out with my friends, going to shows and what not to pass the time.

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