Ragnorak191914 Pyroguy
Jul 03, 11 1:39am
I haven't logged in to this site in a long long time.. do you use it any more? I also saw you signed my guest book like 6 or 7 years ago and I didn't even know bout guest books so I just wanted to get back to you. and I do feel special since you mentioned it.
The L Thing Pyroguy
Feb 20, 07 8:46pm
Aya Chan Pyroguy
Feb 19, 07 8:17am
Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Pyrodude: We haven't spoken in ages. I hope that all is well for you.

Memory of Eileen Pyroguy
Jan 22, 07 9:11pm
Hey audy!

I wanna let you know that my master is the sexy beast in the entire universe!

Kiss his feet and obey him now!

And you're very lucky to have a stamp like...


*starts to kiss my master's feet and mumbling about how great he is...*

He's such as cutie!

By the way, he's better and sexier than you are, you little piece of sh-t!
Dinosoid Pyroguy
Jan 15, 07 12:27am
My week of slavery to kjgmusic is almost over. I guess I still need to sign a few guestbooks in order to fill his lordship's quota. Well, here I am.

I've seen you around the Halo forums and I think you're pretty cool. When HALO 3 comes out, maybe we could go ahead and fight it out over XBL. Until then....

I serve kjgmusic.
0Zero0 Pyroguy
Jan 14, 07 3:37am

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
Ironraven Pyroguy
Jan 13, 07 2:46am
Everyone knows Jesus The man who healed the lame. But I am Jesus' brother K is my name. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus is the Lamb. Jesus is the Son of God But K don't give a damn. Cuz when I'm in sight We'll party all damn night. I don't turn water into wine But into cold Coors Light. I'm not my brother, I know, Don't walk on H2O But I got hydroponic shit that me and Judas grow. I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ I hang out with Lepers, Barabas and Salome. Jesus' friends are called Apostles. Those dudes are totally gay. Jesus performs miracles From Galilee to Rome. But it would be a miracle If he brought a *bleep*in lady home. Because when Jesus is prayin *bleep*in K is layin Every lady in the Testament You know what im sayin? I won't die for your sins Like my famous kin. But if you have a little sister Then theres room at this inn. I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ Jesus was our mothers fave All her love to him she gave. But there's no sibling rivalry When he's nailed to that tree. YEEEAAAHHHH And now the question for you Is not "What Would Jesus Do?" But where will you be When the K Machine comes partyin through? And if the Lord will allow You've got to ask yourself how, and who and why and when and where is your messiah now? It's *bleep*in K *bleep*in K *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ. K Christ. K Christ. I'm *bleep*in K
animegirl Pyroguy
Jan 03, 07 10:20am
I love my Andrew more than anything!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Stuy Pyroguy
Dec 18, 06 5:06am
Omg, like, HI. :]

See you around with Kym on IRC. =]
Aya Chan Pyroguy
Dec 12, 06 10:40pm

Punk100 Pyroguy
Nov 03, 06 12:25am
Just whant to say hi (sign my guest book!!!) just let it fly
animegirl Pyroguy
Oct 29, 06 1:40am
Andrew is my adorable boy.

Andrew is my nice boy.

Andrew is my sweet boy.

Andrew is my everything.
m_darkdrogon Pyroguy
Sep 17, 06 3:55am

m_darkdrogon Pyroguy
Sep 16, 06 4:41am
Darth Revan Pyroguy
Aug 14, 06 1:38am
and im a vegetarian now too by the way.
so yeah, im so much cooler than you now.

Dudeguy Pyroguy
Jul 13, 06 11:20am
Never signed this? Well, I guess I haven't known you for that long. Just since I kicked your ass at Yahoo! pool that one time. And that's all I got, so just pretend I signed with song lyrics or a stamp.

Btw, DragoniteBallZ said to call you a douche. Well, not really. But I'm sure that's what he would have said if I had talked to him before signing this.
m_darkdrogon Pyroguy
Apr 10, 06 6:42am

m_darkdrogon Pyroguy
Apr 06, 06 9:54pm

animegirl Pyroguy
Feb 27, 06 6:52am
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!
I <3 Andy!

Lol. Yeah.

Sayyed Pyroguy
Feb 26, 06 1:58am
Hey i saw you around the USA forum, and i notived your from MN

DragoniteBallZ Pyroguy
Jan 30, 06 5:19am
You are a douche. I cannot stress that enough. You are the douchiest douche of douches inside a douchebag I've ever called a douche ever in the history of douches. HAIL DEATHMAN48 douche, k?
Shocker Pyroguy
Jan 30, 06 3:49am
I've seen you in Loungin', so I decided to sign your guestbook.

Don't forget to sign back!

Here's a willy stamp for you.

I am lost in the desert of the_REAL_____

BLinK0 Pyroguy
Jan 29, 06 10:58pm
For the last time douchedouchedouche is what you are, that is all. but i'm still typing because this guestbook entry doe snot meet the minimum length of 125 characters
Mystery Pyroguy
Jan 29, 06 3:50pm
You're such a douche that your mom can tell. And she's blind.

You know what, I can't even remember Sanc not calling you douchebag.
flame_boi13 Pyroguy
Jan 27, 06 3:15pm

quote DragoniteBallZ
quote Slacker
quote Cloud Leonheart
Man, I hate being 03.
Look at the bright side. At least you're not '04.
Heh yeah! Like Douchebag56011! He's from '04! HAHA! What a n00b!

Douche your such a noob AHAHAHAHHAHAH

Credits:My Slave Master ----> DragonniteBallz