Aug 31, 09 6:56am
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Aug 31, 09 6:50am
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Pyroguy blogged
Feb 6, 09 9:07pm

Lately it seems that people are making notes of random facts about themselves (specifically on Facebook). Cool. I'm not. Instead I'm going to talk about a ridiculous trend I've noticed in a high number of them.

You aren't "a bit ADHD at times" and you don't get "pretty OCD." Those are serious mental disorders. It's comparable to me saying "I have a mild case of dissociative identity disorder, I mumble to myself sometimes" or "I sometimes don't get hungry and forget to eat, I guess you could say I'm a little anorexic." See how *bleep* that sounds? That's all.

Now I know there are those of you who are going to turn around a say "But Andrew! You said "*bleep*" and that's a real thing too!" You're wrong. When I say words like "*bleep*" I don't literally mean that the noun in question had brain growth slowed or halted at a critical point in development, just like I don't mean that something I call "dumb" can't talk, or something that I call "lame" can't walk. The difference is that when I see people giving themselves disorders like ADHD or OCD, I don't think they're using them as slang terms.

I don't have a little dysentery because I get stomach aches now and then, but wouldn't that suck?

Pyroguy blogged
Dec 4, 08 3:59am

Why is it that the promotion of ignorance is allowed, but any attempt to challenge or correct it suddenly makes you the offender? I'm so sick of people talking out of their ass, and the moment I go to try to have a civilized, intellectual debate (backed up by fact and example) with the person I turn into the bad guy. Complacency has become the norm in our society due to fear of being ostracized.

Intelligence is not spread by blind acceptance. It's spread by applying rigorous and informed scrutiny to proposed truths. I just don't see how people are not only content with, but actually insistent on avoiding any and all argument at the cost of the truth.

Putting two ideas head to head is one of the best ways for both parties to learn something, assuming both keep an open mind. It's how I completely changed my views on nearly every topic imaginable over the past three years, and it's how I've convinced a few of my friends to see things my way on nearly every subject.

No, people's views with not be revolutionized after one argument. But it does happen, and I am proof of that. Sitting idly by and letting others spout out lies, on the other hand, does nothing to help and hurts all within earshot. At the very least, don't get upset at me for attempting to enlighten everybody involved, myself included.

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Pyroguy blogged
Dec 3, 08 8:38am

I've never blogged before. I've never subscribed to a blog before. I've read arbitrary entries from blogs before, but the only one I've ever really followed is Maddox's (if you consider that to be a blog). I'm all for supporting Neoseeker, so this seems fun.

Maybe today isn't the best day to start blogging, since I haven't been really worked up over anything today.

The only notable thing to happen is I fell even more in love with Lady GaGa today. If any of you need new music, go listen to her. Or even better, I'll subscribe to some shameless self-promotion and tell you to go over to the thread I made earlier today and check her out there.

I'm off to watch the last quarter of The Fellowship of the Ring now (I'm breaking down the separate multiple installments of a series into even more multiple installments, it's fun). I have to get up early for math class, in which I have to work on a programming project due in the class right after math. Maybe tomorrow something will upset me enough to write about.

Also, where the *bleep* is the music category? We have categories for TV shows, anime, movies, anime, and books, but no music? wtf?

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