I made an Isaac moveset, and wanted to post it here. http://imgur.com/P8PlVsW http://imgur.com/OAZYGNQ http://imgur.com/

What do you think about their new redesigns? I for one think they're terrible. I'd rather have something like http

Can someone please explain why they did _THIS?_ http://smashboards.com/attachments/villager-png.11829/

...can I time travel backwards and fool the game to think I've played on those days? Hopefully someone understands tha

I just got this game like 2 weeks ago, though I haven't been playing a whole lot. I feel like I need to restart my game,

I know it's very easy to get, but I honestly am too lazy. I'm willing to trade for one, but I'll also be happy ta

Who is _your_ super, awesome, secret, fun-time waifu extraordinar? Husbandos are welcome too, but those with a real life l

I'm specifically looking for a 6 IV shiny Gooey Goomy or Honedge, but I also accept all other ones. I am willing to tr

As we all know, Lucario's side special move hasn't been revealed yet, so, allow me to speculate a little. _What if

... Using Two Different SD Cards to Save your Game with? Has anyone ever tried this yet? What happened? Did you lose your

Would you want/like to see the Non-Specific Action Figure as a joke character in this game? Just asking. lol :suikiasmile:


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