Draken The Dragon Putas
Apr 7, 07 12:22am
1 ultra powerful stamp, comming right up!


Stuy Putas
Jan 22, 07 2:56am
Hallo, mah master is making me stamp people's books, and YOU'RE one of them! ^-^

Now pwease excuse me, I have orders to followz. xDD
U_Turn Putas
Jan 12, 07 3:45am
Forever Friend!

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Final Fantasy Angel is the best mistress and friend anyone could ever have and I am proud to be her #1 love slave. All should bow down to her and worship her for she is the hot goddess of Neoseeker and the World!

Jem Putas
Jan 8, 07 2:07am
Stuy Putas
Jan 1, 07 2:20am
You're an AWESOME person. You're THAT awesome, you deserve some sort of an award or something. =]

<3 Gacela

Azn_Applecake Putas
Oct 9, 06 5:58am
i wanted to sign someone, since u were the closest one to my mouse...

sign back
Antaikronik Putas
Jul 12, 06 11:50pm
Thanx for signing, dude! Here's a stamp I made:

Spanking_Monkey Putas
Jul 12, 06 12:15am
I wasn't gonna sign, then I saw that you want to move to England and ditch the US. UK RULES!

Jay_Z Putas
Jul 8, 06 10:21am
Hey, just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

P.S. I heard your name means whore, is this true?

Sign back!
Omceer 1701 Putas
Jun 21, 06 5:07am
I call firsties!!!!

I stamped you, too!

-Omceer 1701-