PupgirlPawz blogged
May 8, 09 10:55pm

I got a puppy last week::

She's a female boxer, her name is Kyrie. ^-^
She was the runt of the litter.

PupgirlPawz blogged
Mar 25, 09 10:02pm

I'm back now, the things that I had to deal with are over and done with.
It feels like I've been gone for quite a while, but in reality I haven't. xD

But I'm straying from the point, which is that I'm back. =D


PupgirlPawz blogged
Mar 17, 09 5:15pm

I'm sad to say I'm leaving Neoseeker for a while. How long will I be gone? I don't know.
But what I do know that what is going on in my life right now I can't handle.
I wish it wasn't so hard to say good-bye to all my friends I've made here, but it is.

I'm going to miss all the friends I've made. And I hope that I won't have tp leave for too long, so `Bye.


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