I'm a pretty fun guy. I try to be the livliest of my friends. Always trying to be funny to get a good laugh. I can be very immature around friends, but who can't!? :P I enjoy video games and play quite a bit. Mark Hoppus is my hero and inspiration. I am very nice and not mean to ANYONE. Even if they are mean to me I play it cool. :) Wasn't always that way...but I learned. Grew up I guess..In that way at least! Need a friend to talk to look me up on myspace or IM me. I love talking to anyone and everyone. Definitely if its about games or such. Or just life, great listener here!


I have a wide range in interests. I love animals, and ultimately want to work with them as a career.

I am also pretty involved with my games. Final Fantasy is my favorite franchise. I can master them or just play them for fun over and over again. They never seem to bore me. I also love my Legend of Zelda. Played Dragon Age:Origins, was obsessed with that for a while. Then came FFXIII, so that killed Dragon Age for me, lol. I also enjoy other RPG type games, Resident Evil is another good franchise. Love my wrestling games, at first, but tend to get bored as soon as the story mode is over. :/

I also love to read every once in a while. My main reads are the Harry Potter series, I swear I will never get too old to enjoy it. Then comes Twilight, yes I know I am a guy...So what? I love Twilight! Proud to admit it. ;) And I got to love my Stephen King! Love the horror and thrills. As you could probably tell, I also love the sci-fi/Fanatasy Genre of good reads.

Movies are another good thing for me. From romance to horror I love them all! Some of my favorites include: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St., Twilight/New Moon, Underworld, Van Helsing, Push, The House Bunny, Harry Potter, A Cinderella Story, and School of Rock.

I am obsessed with Mark Hoppus and blink-182. Like super bad.

And I am interested in interesting people. :)


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