I've been looking for a trevenant with harvest for a while in horde battles. No luck. I'm willing to offer a 5iv

Does anyone have it? It's dark type. P.s. I have fairy

Looking to get a ditto with a sassy nature. Let me know if you have one and what you would like?? Thanks guys

I need Air ballon x2-3 Razor fang I have some 4-5 iv pokemon I can trade for them... Let me I know :)

I bred a lot of rotoms. And I have some leftover. Calm/modest/timid. 5 ivs (imperfect) 4 ivs And it have a timid

I have these currently for trade: 5iv scyther adamant technician 5iv joltik timid 5iv mawile adamant 5iv rotom modest/c

Just made a team wanna test it out... Let me know :)

Hello! I'm in need of a charizard X megastone... If you have one you would be willing to trade, please let me know. Tha

I'm looking to trade some 5 iv pokemon for all 6 power items. Here are some 5 iv pokemon I can offer: Heracross Noi

Hey guys I just finished breeding my pokemon I wanna battle with, but I'm dreading the ev training process. I have ab

Have a pretty good amount to trade for it... Let me know if you have one :)

I'm really in need of someone with an abra safari. Or anything else that would benefit me for competitive play Ign i

I have some 5 iv pokemon for trade: Heracross adamant Mawile adamant Noibat timid Scyther adamant Honedge brave Togepi

Female abras magic guard (in a luxury ball) Let me know if you can get this/have this. And what you would want to trad

As the title says. I have some 5 iv pokemon for trade. Could also trade 4iv breeding pairs with appropriate nature and

Adamant is the nature. Looking to see what I can get for this. I only have 1.

As the title says.. I'm looking for these: Snover Excadrill mold breaker Mamoswine Rotom Hopefully with good ivs

Here's what I got for trade! All these pokemon have been bred by me. (Some pokemon may need to be rebred before I can

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