Vv Puggy
Aug 7, 04 6:31am
just felt like signing your guest book...again...ha, i wonder how many times i did sign it?! anyways, bye then and sorry i never posted your site or returned to visit....):
Dubious Nicolai Puggy
Mar 19, 04 7:28am

I was lookin at your NeoHome for a while and thought that it kicked ass... For a while, I thought mine was pretty good, up until I saw yours.... Then I just felt like deleting all my stuff If you'd be willing to help me with mine, i'd really apriciate that.
Little Miss Magic Puggy
Jan 1, 04 2:18am

Happy New Year! Click the stamp! ^^

LMM xxx
Angelic Serenity Puggy
Dec 26, 03 7:39am

Hey Pugs! Hope you're having a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year as well! See ya around this place!
Adelaidedk Puggy
Dec 23, 03 5:45pm
Jeg håber, at du får en god jul med din familie. Have fun!

hugs from Carina aka Adelaidedk
Vv Puggy
Nov 19, 03 11:33am
sup????????? anything new? well if u ever go back on, at least pm me....j/k
am i buggging yoooooou?????????-!!!!!!!!!!!
well ciya and sorry if i haven't been to your web site lately...i joined too many forums...like 7 or 8 by now...

Black_rose Puggy
Nov 4, 03 11:32am
Hi im Vv's friend so I just wanted to say hi, since you're in her guest book. So hi.
Please sign my guest book I really dont have many friends on neoseeker.

Black Rose
Vv Puggy
Oct 24, 03 8:01am
hi man! how are ya been doing and all???? well i'm going to go to your web site now so ciya!!!!!!


dang it! the guest book rule thingy....blah blha anyways....ciya!
Octarine Skye Puggy
Oct 22, 03 1:22am
You have been stamped in a suitable faceless fashion.

Vv Puggy
Oct 7, 03 10:52am
hey puggy
just felt like signing your guest book!...again for like the what...6th or 7th time? heheh! anyways, ciya!

damn guest book entries rules thing! it doesn't meet the blah blah blha!
neo1 Puggy
Sep 30, 03 4:13am
hi puggy neo1 here i like your neohome
its wicked.here r some of my m8ts that want their guestbook signed:-
-mr blink182
-mr sum41
and i also want my guestbook signed
c ya
neo7 Puggy
Sep 23, 03 9:40pm
ive signed your guestbook and can we be friends please i really like your neo home and have loads of friends can i be one please see ya
Unspoken Puggy
Sep 14, 03 3:22am
im running out of subjects...

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Authecroix Puggy
Sep 11, 03 8:52pm
Hi man thanks for everything you help me a lot. Anyway, I hope you'lle nojy yourself in Kingdom Hearts forum and if you have time please sign mine too.


Take care and have a nice day.
willcall39 Puggy
Sep 5, 03 12:46pm
I'm going around signing random people's guestbooks. If you get any time after you read this, please take just a moment or so to sign mine as well! Thanks!
Aki Puggy
Sep 3, 03 3:04am
So Hello! I've been signing some guestbooks lately, mostly people I've seen around Europe and people from other Nordic countries (basicly Norway ) So, now I've signed yours too . See you at Europe forum!
Synik Puggy
Aug 22, 03 11:48pm
Meep you
exsoldierCloudStrife Puggy
Aug 18, 03 5:16am
i think he is so funny without being dumb,Well your cool and helped me in tight spots, sign mine back, you have ban stamped
Mave Zero Puggy
Aug 18, 03 1:58am
I am superior! I have found all but one Mario! Mario is superior! No one can surpass me! Muahahaha!
Gary41 Puggy
Aug 15, 03 6:20pm
Thanks for singing my guestbook though I don't know you,....yet anyway:P. As for my site well I've given it up to a friend now and it should be working at: www.darkanima.com
pookmunki Puggy
Aug 15, 03 1:45am
RE: treating you like god.
Unfortunately supplies of our popular 'Treat you like a god for signing my guestbook' instructional video, manual and lollypop accessory are out of stock at the moment, we thank you for your patience and Pookmunki shall recieve his copy soon, so expect your owed ass-kissing through the post soon

hehe thanx for signing it bud
Ito Yury Puggy
Aug 10, 03 1:52am
Hey Puggy always good to see a Square Soft fan. Hope to talk to you in the forums! Thanks for making my banner! And if you have time sign me too!

Ito Yuri
brock mysterio Puggy
Aug 10, 03 1:14am
Yo Yo Yo i am here write before your eyes start to peer and ya screens smeer hey man just droppin by hope ya sign mine.
SiGNED officially by brock the rock mysterio.
Ugochukwu Puggy
Aug 2, 03 7:42pm
Just wanted to sign your guestbook. As i said your neohome is great, wish i had that kind of creditability, cool job there and keep it real. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook

scorpion VS subzero Puggy
Jul 24, 03 10:02am
hello i saw you like Bender i do to and since you do i am signing your guest book and since my banner is got Bender in it ill wont use my stamp and ill use my banner