ell, my name is )))))I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (yeah that is my username). I had live there all my life, I really love it but I will probably move to the US after I graduate from High School. I want to study there, specially for the sports programs they offer. I'm currently in grade 10, being a prospect in volleyball and basketball. In just 3 years of playing volleyball I was selected for my country National Volleyball team. This summer (2006) we are heading to the Junior Olympics in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a good change of getting a medal. We are practicing 6 times a week, every practice last at least 3.30 hours. Our team need to be ready, we are going to play like 3 games a day in the Junior Olympics. I also play basketball very good, to bad I haven't reach the National Team which is my dream. I like basketball more than volleyball...

I love posting in neo, which I found by looking for cheats for Need For Speed Underground 2. My favorites game are Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The God Father, NBA Live 2006, Need For Speed: Most Wanted...

I'm also starting to design and make websites, that keep my busy on my free time. It is also a fun way of earning money $$$$$. I'm 15 year old, 5'10 and 140 pounds. (for a pic pm or maybe check my home, I will probably put some there soon). I'm very friendly so if you need a neo-friend pm. Note: You can't retract your request :P

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July 1, 2006


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**Updating Process**
July 1, 2006

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