Psychosis NOS
Mar 27, 12 2:10am
In the Rainbow Factory, not a single soul gets through.
Psychosis NOS
Feb 7, 12 1:49pm
The meaning of life is…bucket.
Psychosis NOS
Dec 30, 11 10:42am
Strangling orphans like a boss
Psychosis NOS
Sep 19, 11 3:18pm
Yes I like waffles.
Psychosis NOS
Sep 11, 11 5:41pm
The demons that could be are giving you tea and cookies
Psychosis NOS
May 8, 11 12:31am
Quid Pro Quo, Clarice, yes or no?
Psychosis NOS
Mar 17, 11 4:30pm
The end must always come before our happily ever after.


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