aquaham Psycho5050
Apr 09, 11 10:56pm
i am happy to sign ur guest book even thogh i dont actually know u i just want to let u know that you are verry cool and good wishes
gamerXXXX Psycho5050
Aug 22, 06 12:29am
U have been signed by gamerXXXX the Bringer God

AtoChansu Psycho5050
Jun 27, 06 11:55pm
Hello Von Robert Thomas. xD Just signing your Guestbook so I can diverge your attention from the current match. Okay, I'll leave now before it happens again.

It changes when you change it xD:

jpbladr2750 Psycho5050
Jul 25, 05 1:38am

PM me if you wanna be friends. I'm glad that you posted in my guestbook. Nobody else would care to.
VinDiesel2 Psycho5050
Jan 17, 05 5:44am
...and today's random picture is:

Sign back please or you'll regret it.
Knight of Gold Psycho5050
Nov 07, 04 7:15pm
This is heavy mass signing spree in order to raise the karmic balance:)

There:D, have a good time (And sign back if possible)
Sticks38 Psycho5050
Nov 03, 04 3:19am
HI! Just one of those stamp-like things.

Hail Him and [link name=SIGN BACK][/link] Thanks

DQ Maniac Psycho5050
Oct 27, 04 8:20pm
Ffantasy_gamer Psycho5050
Oct 16, 04 4:19pm

now sign mine or else guestbook
gamerXXXX Psycho5050
Oct 08, 04 8:34pm
dueling is the is fun when you play with a friend playing yugioh is a fun way to show who boss
but i got one thing to say to you psycho5050

DQ Maniac Psycho5050
Oct 01, 04 11:19am
Tres Psycho5050
Sep 30, 04 6:18pm
You know already right? You should've used that one to host that.

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

yusuke123 Psycho5050
Sep 26, 04 8:32pm
Hey man I'm just signing your book back and I haope to see you in the game forum see ya around. Thanks for signin' my book. I'll se you later.
Goten Super Saiyan Psycho5050
Sep 19, 04 10:45pm
Since you sign my guestbook guess I'll sign your guestbook too. I don't have any stamp. Wish we could duel sometimes on yugioh. Guess I'll see ya around.
Aki Psycho5050
Sep 15, 04 1:38pm
I'm signing this because I noticed you signed my guestbook. Here's a song:

Rob Halford - Cyberworld

You're trapped inside my Cyber World
Consumed up as my web unfurls
No secrets left for your mankind.

My virus lurks throughtout your veins
I'm spreading there inside your brain
A Trojan Horse that eats your mind.

Cyber World
Cyber World
I've got your power.

Cyber World
Cyber World
I will devour, yeah...

At speed of lies I will connect
I search and surf as I infect
Computerized catastrophe.

Your information's what I steal
I scan you till you are unreal
Transmit your power into me.

Cyber World
Cyber World
I've steal your mind.

Cyber World
Cyber World
For all mankind, yeah...

You're dying in my Cyber World
You're dying in my Cyber World
Tres Psycho5050
Aug 31, 04 7:37pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Tres Psycho5050
Aug 31, 04 9:06am

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>
DenniseA Psycho5050
Aug 30, 04 4:20pm
Thanks for signing my g-book

By the one and only,
kirbylover Psycho5050
Aug 30, 04 3:02pm
it was nice dueling you,
So im going to give you my casual stamp then maybe others casue your GB is a little low.
Drew Gooden Psycho5050
Aug 30, 04 1:19am
Great to see someone new in the Naruto forums. You've been providing some great posts, so keep them coming. You seem like a cool cat, so stick around. I'll drop you a line sometime, later man.

Oh yeah, and you're the first person to get my brand spankin' new stamp! Enjoy!

ssy3 gotenks Psycho5050
Aug 30, 04 12:35am
Hey psycho5050 thanks for singing my guestbook. I see that you like a lot boards and cards games just like me. Hey les be Neofriends,okay. Well see ya in the Miscellaneous Games forum psycho5050.
imatramp Psycho5050
Aug 29, 04 11:38pm
Oh man...
One day you signed someones GB and WHAM!!!!

You get.....
Ultimate Gogeta Psycho5050
Aug 29, 04 10:05pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I appreciate it. ^^

Anyway, here's a stamp.

djnuts Psycho5050
Aug 28, 04 6:20pm
hey thanx for signin my guestbook maybe we can duel sometime.i seen you u play youre really good.well seeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Tres Psycho5050
Aug 17, 04 4:41pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high