Is it possible to suggest a better minipic? It bothers me when there's no picture... maybe it's OCD... GodzillaDestroyAllMonstersMelee GC

How do you get the pictures you take in-game from your SD card or system memory so you can view them on your computer and upload them to sites...? SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii

So I put my Xbox Live account on my Neoseeker account, but my rep, Gamer points, achievements and games aren't showing up

I'd love to change my username, but that cost money. "Please understand."
Gaming around at the speed of sound! ♪
Need more friends...
Forever alone...
Is this seriously only in Japan? That's so unfair! PokemonMysteryDungeonKeepGoingBlazingAdventureSquad Wii
It is very difficult to find this game... =( KaoTheKangarooRound2 GC
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