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Mar 05, 09 5:19pm


Sold tons of crap at Gamestop today. Got about $600! I am currently saving up for the new DSi coming out. Now I have more than enough by selling a bunch of my worthless junk. Halo Wars is amazing by the way. It's like an extremely advanced Fire Emblem or something cool like that. Seeing as I got the Special Edition, it came with the Mythic Maps. I must say that these maps are much better than the Heroic or Legendary Map Packs. During my time of relaxation while playing Halo 3, I found that you can forge a golf club and you can pick it up and use it as a Gravity Hammer. That was a "what the *bleep*" moment. I will be making a review on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the DS soon. You might be surprised by what I say toward it. I actually happen to think things through before I start saying illogical crap that cannot be truthful. I'm putting up the finishing touches on my Blog Header now. I think it looks pretty good, and cannot wait to put it up. -Caleb (meTh)-

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Neo McKnight Mar 5, 09
Are you gonna get Halo Wars?
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PromeThium Mar 9, 09
Yeah. Just got it a few days actually. Very good game too. What's your GT?
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