The Walking Dead was great! Getting better as the weeks go!

Hello strategists. With my recent absence I've had time to think of a couple of ideas to implement into the strat forum

_ Welcome, to the first ever Fairy type NeoLeague gym! When challenging, please us

Okay guys, this team is from the void inbetween UU and OU, known as BL. I put it together very quickly, and it works surpr

Where to get some more options for armor for the Thief class? In all the shops I visit there is no armor for the Thief class

Watch Dark Water again before the finale on Saturday

For those who dont know a 122333 run means keeping each character those levels in that order, obviously as thats what levels

two and a half men, funny stuff. night neo

so we have some stats for some of the new megas.. glalie's explosion is now the most powerful in the game and also hits

Overused Gym Leaders: @GameOver & @projectz Pokemon Showdown: Neoseeker Wi-Fi: 0275-7582-3115 _PLEASE BARE IN M

Well I haven't made a new team in quite a while, and wanted to get an opinion on one for once.. So, here goes Hippowd

I wanna build a team around Mega Mawile. Just wondering what you guys would class as good teammates for it. Open to anything

What is there to do? Finished it the other day quicker than I expected but I want to keep playing it. I've already been i

Not long started my Y run, and I caught a Pikachu. It has Pokerus, *bleep* yeah

Anyone happen to know whether Pikachu can be caught with a light ball in X\Y yet?!XD
Pokemon Y has arrived! Goodbye social life..
Internet is now finally back online :o

I pre ordered Y from Amazon and paid for release day delivery.. So here is my question: will I get it on the release date? It

pokemaniac_Y please stop capitalizing the beginning letter of every word you type, it's so irritating o.O

Is there anywhere I can watch it in English yet? o.O

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