You can tell all you'll need to know about me for now on my 'Interests' section.


I have a wide variety of interests, including:

-Playing my awesome guitar

-Writing songs and music for my future band

-Collecting overpriced shit to satisfy my childhood nostalgia, and to satisfy my want for generally cool stuff. I collect toys/figures, guitar picks, guitars, CDs, Books, Video Games, Clothing, Autographs, and the like; from my favourite books, Musicians, video games, TV shows, etc.*

-Playing Video games (though I don't actually do it that much lately)

-Drawing (it'll save me a bundle if and when I'm releasing albums, books and the lot.

-Songwriting (I'm better at it than I would have thought, thanks to Keith of Keith and Renee, when Keith visited my School. Check 'em out at

-Writing (if J.K. Rowling can do it, so can I)

-Creating my own social protest as I try to save this stupid world before all our stupid lives are messed up even more.

*If anyone can find me a deal on Crash Bandicoot, Army Men, Metallica and Iron Maiden memorabillia?


Most rockstars are whore-mongering drug addicts.

-Buzz 'King Buzzo' Osbourne
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Review: Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII - Run Little Germans, Run!

May 18, 2008

REGARDING GRAPHICS: Blazing Angels has breathtaking graphics. You can see every detail of the planes, even when you're flying them! Also the CGI cutscenes, though simple, are magnificent. The game is also abundant with CGI-rendered, vintage-style...

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