cycoclash25 ProfessorMaple
Jun 1, 07 5:45pm
i'm sign'n u back, ur my 4th sign back

thatnks for the stamp, i need to get me one for myself so it will just have to be stampless.

oh heres one: STAMP

king rock ProfessorMaple
Jan 18, 07 7:15am
hey you have a really cool stamp Wario is awsome

King ing ProfessorMaple
Dec 3, 06 2:51pm
Its good to see another Crawdaunt fan. Go Crawdaunt! Thanks for signing my book, lets sign yours shall we?

KiNg InG

Have a pokemon sprite!

Crawdaunt rocks!

Oh yeah, check out my Neohome and play my guessing game! PM with the answers! See ya!!
The Blade Slade ProfessorMaple
Nov 29, 06 2:27am
Hey, seen you signed my gb! yay!! you've made me happy so now i'l sign your guestbook! enjoy

The Link Master ProfessorMaple
Aug 9, 06 6:54pm

Me and the rest of the pichu haters could watch this all day.Aint it adorable.

Here are some serious stamps

Hey i jus saw that you pm'd me about pichu hating so i decided to sign your book.

And if you want to know how to get stamps sign my gb and i'll teach you all that i know.
Jaw Knee ProfessorMaple
Aug 2, 06 11:27pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I like your opinions too. Since I don't have a stamp, I'll say something nice

I've seen what you do on here and you're a pretty smart guy. I look forward to conversing with you in the future.
jimcripple ProfessorMaple
Jun 26, 06 7:22pm
hey. I just thought I'd hello
And welcome to Neoseeker!