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Oct 09, 09 10:22pm

Come Dine With a Charred Newt...

So I decided to dust off some of my old games and came across Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. It is a basic game in most pretences and tends to follow the typical format of one journeying across the world, finding companions and then rallying together to beat up the bad guys who are seeking to destroy the world as it's known.

The bad guys in this game are known as Sinistrals. The funny thing is, that this game is the prequel to Lufia. I haven't played much of the original game considering it's lack of localization on Australian soil, however from what I did manage to play there is common similarities in the systems and mechanisms used.

Oh, as for the title... the lizard enemies drop Charred Newt when they die... sometimes. How... appetizing!

Anyway, I stopped when I reached the town of Sundletan. It's the one that has the tea house, and the second village you come across on the journey. You can pick up a spot of tea, but it doesn't really do much... honest! And it was supposed that antioxidents were good for you!!

Did the whole Grandpa training cave where an old man takes Maxim out on an adventure, alone. Just... don't bend over ya hear? How the man gets through the cave is a mystery, considering his age...

Road to Sundletan is next where you fight a lizard man for the key that the reptile managed to steal and lock the door with. The fight is pretty much hit, hit, hit, potion, hit, hit, hit. AHA~! I WIN!! Being the selfish guy that he is... Maxim takes the key with him and heads onto the next town. Oh, before that a woman named Iris comes along and tells him that he is the destined one. Um.. right lady. You're creeping me out!

When he enters, an earthquake hits which some debate was caused by a giant catfish, whilst others say it is a giant man stomping. >_>; My question is.. why does Maxim run around like a lunatic with his hands on top of his head in the open? It's like FIRE RAINING FROM THE SKY!! But... not.

Now onto a random topic of ... FISH!

Tia cooks one in the home town of Elcid which Maxim partakes in eating (A growing man needs to keep up his strength, ya know!). It's horrible, which is attested to the actual catch, rather than the woman's cooking (Or maybe it's all LIES?). Personally I think they are both skirting around the subject so that Maxim doesn't end up with a frying pan smacked into his face. Tia is quite good at weilding one of those along with a Chop Board. Wow! She's all set for a grand adventure. Anyway... no matter what anyone else says... if something tastes bad, no amount of lemon dousing is going to make it taste any better, even if the citric fruit usually compliments a fish dish. OKAY!!

It's also apparent that monsters can join the entourage... well let us hope it's not like that silly pink balloon from Guardian's Crusade. Attack the enemy! That's right... Good Bo--WHAT?! Why are you eating my face now? STUPID PINK MONSTER! GET OFF MY MOUTH! I CAN'T BREATHE!!

Anyway, the monsters are called Capsule Monsters (And are not to be mistaken for Pokemon) and there is a total of seven (Which attests to them not being mistaken for Pokemon, as they all have different elements and DIFFERENT MOVE SETS!).

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Quetzalcoatl Oct 11, 09
Probably Pokemon was inspired with Lufia 2.

"if something tastes bad, no amount of lemon dousing is going to make it taste any better, even if the citric fruit usually compliments a fish dish. OKAY!!"

Sometimes onion can remedy that ;D

Great blog post Matt .