From the twilight princess forum? You should totally delete all your PMs and PM me, midna.

next time ill preview it lol
From the twilight princess forum? You should totally delete all your PMs and PM me, midna.

Happy New Year Princess Midna! Here's a little stamp I made myself. (It might not be very good though)

I wanted to show you my PWNsome stamp.

_++___________________________ _____
_+88__________________________ _____
_+880_________________________ _____
_++88_________________________ _____
_++88_________________________ _____
__+880________________________ _++__
__+888________________________ +88__
__++880______________________+ 88___
__++888_____+++88__________++88 ___
__++8888__+++8880++88____+++88 ___
___++++++888888888888888888___ ___
____++++++88888888888888888___ ____
____++++++++000888888888888___ ____
_____+++++++000088888888888___ ____
______+++++++00088888888888___ ____
_______+++++++088888888888____ ____
_______+++++++088888888888___ _____
________+++++++8888888888____ _____
________+++++++0088888888____ _____
________++++++0088888888_____ _____

random gifs. enjoy

best show ever. peace.
Hi Princess Midna. Did you know you're one of my best neofriends? Anyway, I've been on Neoseeker for 1 year! See ya later.

Sorry I have no stamp.
Probably wondering what I did for you, huh? Well you will find out eventually. ^^

I have no idea what they are saying but I don't care. XD
Ive been on Neo for 1 year now so here is a stamp

Id thought id sing your guestbook sooo... Heres Tifa!

Hi!Im on a signing spree so here u go!Have an awsome day!Sign back

Hey Mins, on a stampin' spree and signing yours because you are a kool person 8D And a crazy toonie fan >.> Also sorry you had to spoon nnkklo (look at the twilight spy thread people to understand >.>) =D

Feelin' Cold Yet?
Hi there Min-min =3 I gots me a new stamp and we planing on stamping you first =3

-Nii nii
You are the first to be corrupted by my stamp. Don't you feel special?

I signed you! =3

*pets head*

Now lets go beat up some noobs!

I missed you too =3

signing peoples guestbooks!!!

Keep Kool Midna

meh I like the Imp better

Go toon link!
Stamping because you missed an assload of stamps so i'm stamping you with all i got (^'O'^)

this ones my personal favorite :3

This stamp is better then my other one.

Here you go.

Once upon a time there was a little boy.
He lived in a shoe.
And then you blew up.
The End.

<3 You!!
Hey, just passing by your profile, thought i'd sign your guest book, look at my profile if you want 2, it's not very good at da mo as i only just joined up again, forward to hearing from ya. Eazy now.
yesh indeedy prepare fer your guestbook to be lagged

ur not special enough to have ham, coz i ate it on the way here


heres your ham lol. Well i haven't seen you in a while and decided to sign your guestbook.

Toon Link Rules XD! No ham for u though
Okay, first things first. SHAME ON ME for not signing here until now. Please don't send your Toonie Links out... I has no ham

Anyways, I come bearing gifts! Oh yeah, you get a stamp! WEWT! ^__^

Believe me, I tried to come up with a serious, epic Toon Link + Midna stamp but it just didn't work. I must still be partially corrupted by teh evil kibbz


~My Apocalypse~
I now have a stamp to give you. This is a toast to our first day of Neo-Marrige.

Hope you like it, honey. ^-^