Hi my names Alexander but you can all call me Alex. I've been a pokemon player since I was 5 and my first game was the original Gold. But then I Recevied FireRed and Leafgreen after they came out. After completing those I grew bored with pokemon until the 2009 Realese of Pokemon :Platinum. I played that for 3 years until the recent release of Pokemon Black and White. When They came out I saw that there were other games like PMD: Explorers of Time and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. I becamed hooked on those. After I beat all the Pokemon games I had I found this Website and I came to check it out and it seems cool :).
Dragon Ball Z:
I've Known Dragon Ball Z since as long as I could remeber. I've finshed all Three main serious and can answer just about any question So all fands of that let me know.

Well now you know a little about me. I hope who ever Reads this comes to like me and we could be neofriends. So Add me. Bye ;)




White FC:0218 3810 0700
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