Anybody want to join up? I'm having a lot of trouble doing the devils lair raid by myself right now. Add me on Xbox one a

Please don't hesitate to speak with someone if you're having a tough time. Be there for someone.
So LoL is sweet and I'm hooked.
LoL is stuck at 97% :(
League of legends takes forever to update.

I seem to think about this from time to time. When we were kids, we were almost always friends with everybody. I feel like I&

So thors becoming a woman? I guess the avengers will have to take a week off every month now.

It's hitters birthday! This means it's 4/20 and you should smoke a bunch of pot. (Hitler was a terrible man so

I'm at a crossroads in my life. I've wanted to join the navy for a little while now and I've been talking with my

Work sucks and you can obviously tell I'm working because I'm on here.
Tired from licking all of the buttholes.. Much rest needed...
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