GoBraves95 Prince Of Sayians
Aug 2, 08 2:12am
I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #38 of the mission
Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
SSJ4BROLY Prince Of Sayians
Aug 21, 07 12:05am
hey thanks for all you help with my signature making and stuff heres my new stamp

c ya around
NegativeEnergy Prince Of Sayians
Aug 17, 07 9:23pm
man, thanks for making me great avatar yo. sorry it took long to sign your guestbook. would have done it sooner, but i didnt know how to sign guestbooks. thanks again

SSJ4BROLY Prince Of Sayians
Jul 25, 07 3:51am
hey dude thanks for making them awesome banner for me you rock

see ya around dude