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Jul 29, 08 8:30am
I love this game not only for the story, but the awesome characters. Bully
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  • "a fresh new idea for a game thats fun to play and very amusing Bully"
    nasty nappa Aug 13, 10 12:43pm
  • "Need bullworth coverd in marbles and toilet paer you know who to call Bully"
    Jedi Revan Nov 27, 09 9:29pm
  • "Rockstar doesn't fail in protraying the gritty school life of a bully. A slightly watered down version of GTA. Bully"
    Machienzo Sep 19, 09 1:22am
  • "Fun but pretty easy to beat Bully"
    owners4life5 Aug 26, 09 2:45pm
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