I have a 6iv tyranitar and 6 iv medicham both shiny up for trade, looking for mienshao with knock off, a competitive breloom,

I have a speed deoxys (calm) i transferred over from gen 4, as well a halloween pumpkaboo (jolly), also the event entei from

title says it all, i have a level 10 celebi from the pokebank that i want to flip for a keldeo or a jirachi

title says it all, wanting either UU ready pokes of a ready jirachi!

I have an couple extra codes on hand, thanks to EBgames, so I am looking for some battle ready pokemon examples, mew, gallad

if you need one message me, or reply back, nintendo sent me another one, and i dont need two!

i have an entei, zygarde, mewtwo, cobalion, virizion, kyurem and the summer event pinsir and heracross to offer! please help

I have both of these event pokemon for trade, make me an offer, looking for competitive 5/6iv pokes

it is lonely nature and UT. I am looking for competitive pokes either BR or level one with good iv's and natures, not lo

looking for a good iv ralts male to make into a gallade assault vest variant, since i don't own gen v games i cant get on

i am looking for a male ralts with knock off and drain punch and dratini with extreme speed. I have an unused gengar code, s

i have two NA codes still, lookin for an offer. no magikarps though! let's make a deal!

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