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Writing haikus sucks / Too few syllables - ah shit / I'm running out of

Completed it when it came out, playing through again on hard. Up to the second battle of Validar.... read more

Just been playing it this morning. So *bleep*ing frustrating at times though read more

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Aulis Vaara whatever, man. We're going in circles now. We could do this for another 8 pages, but I... read more

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  • Don't worry, it's not necessary to actually watch this video or any of the...
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So, you think only videogames can have an influence now?

As for liking, perhaps I...
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NiceGaia I appreciate the sentiment, although I think this is pretty standard for a topic like... read more

Aulis Vaara so this 'whole Anita Sarkeesian mess' is, in effect, the reason why you don't like women any more? read more