I think I'd probably prefer lesbian guys to lesbian bears anyway read more

likes Stewie's status update: "Ayyyy got into Stevens"
likes Vast's status update: "yellow text is literally retinoblastoma"

What exactly are you 'tutoring' her in? read more

Better that than the companies losing money because people insist on pirating the old versions. read more

Huh. It's directed by Chris Columbus rather than Dennis Dugan.

Y'know, it might not actually turn... read more

quote wigthers 2000
Not interested. Besides it has Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Three...
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No matter how I look at it, it's you guys' fault I'm not popular

Because it never taught the use of proper punctuation! read more

I don't get how being 'easy to wear' is a defence of something. You just put them on and let them... read more

likes billyamaysed's status update: "you know you are a master procrastinator when you are slacking on a project about motivating yourself"
likes his status update: "Anyone who upvotes their own comments should be euthanised"
Anyone who upvotes their own comments should be euthanised
likes Scott Cee's status update: "Live long and prosper."