likes classypenguin's status update: "I swear, if Disney puts Frozen in KH3 I might kill a man"

quote Lesley Pro_04
All joking aside, feel better soon and get lots of lotion on that!
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R.I.P. Richie. Cricket won't be the same without you.

if only companies put as much effort into their actual hardware/software as they do into their April Fools jokes read more

re: For Shave ya Head's birthday, let's all shave our heads! Happy birthday, sir. :D

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I think I'd probably prefer lesbian guys to lesbian bears anyway read more

likes Stewie's status update: "Ayyyy got into Stevens"
likes Vast's status update: "yellow text is literally retinoblastoma"

What exactly are you 'tutoring' her in? read more

Better that than the companies losing money because people insist on pirating the old versions. read more

Huh. It's directed by Chris Columbus rather than Dennis Dugan.

Y'know, it might not actually turn... read more

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Not interested. Besides it has Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Three...
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