Btw, hello. My name is Stephen Moo-Young. I am 3/4ths African American, 1/4ths Chinese, and my family is of Jamaican descent. crazy huh?

Well... I guess I should write up on this biography here for those interested on my history in neo. I had made an account in 2002 which would be this one, and I think I had gone into the Melee boards with my first post, though I don't remember my time there at all.

It would be 2 years later that i would actually become an active member of neo, when I hung around the Dynasty Warriors 4 forums. I had spent alot of time there, though it had only just hit me that there were other forums worth hanging around, and so this is where i spent my time in the Role Playing forum. I was really only a kid at the time.... mmm... maybe 11 years old. It was obvious my writing skills were lacking, so I sought out one of the fellow RPers in that same RP, and... he basically did a better job teaching me the english language, how to speak, and how to describe things in like... one PM than most of my english teachers ever did. I'm still not sure when I learned to type in proper English it kinda just came.

So around the time that RP had ended was around the time Dynasty Warriors 5 was coming out. I had been pretty active around those parts, though... like all the other forums I really forget most of my time there.

Other than checking on the occasional game release this was around the time when I wasn't doing anything on neo, I had left. I checked back into the Dynasty Warriors 6 forums but that's about it. Then, SSBB came out. I had it, but had nobody to play with... my solution I come to neoseeker and join the Crew forums.

I looked at the available crews and slimmed my choices down to March of Swords or The Immortals. I would end up joining the March of Swords, though only for a short time. I had the pride of a newb who had never played without items on, and I mained Ganondorf(simply dubbed Gdorf or The Dorf). I would become inactive until the summer came, because A) I wasn't that interested in SSBB at the time and B) i had to pass my damn classes >_>. So summer arrived, and I was welcomed back into MoS. This was when I mained Mario, because I had no idea what I was doing. One faithful night came, that would essentially spark all my interest in SSBB. I was challenged by Kenshuma. You already know he demolished me like absolutely no other person has ever done, so immediately afterwards I asked for tips, and this has since been the basis of my playstyle. Shortly afterwards, TDL had left MoS, and we were slowly dieing as most people had followed or were inactive. I felt like a burden to MoS kinda cause I never really had anything to say, so I left when TDL offered me to join DoT. I'll edit this later.


of course the first things that come to mind are Games, Music, and Women but seriously who doesn't like that stuff. unfortunately I don't have a top hottest woman list but if your interested in the other two here you go.

Favorite Games of all time
1. Final Fantasy X - imo the greatest Final Fantasy ever. yes I've played VII(though not to its entirety). I honestly stand by my opinion. this game basically let me pull my first 24 hour span of being awake. This game blew me away beyond words. Wakka = best supporting character evar, Rikku and Lulu are just sexy, Yuns makes one of the best typical sweet girls the main character has to fall for, Auron's just badass, although I never really liked Tidus or Khimari much. Blitzball owns, and it has the best introduction movie I have ever seen in a video game(intro blitzball game, with Rammstein playing in the background, and sin approaching is just EPIC TO THE MAX)

2. Samurai Warriors 2 / Dynasty Warriors 3 / Warriors Orochi - honestly SW2 blew DW5 out of the water something fierce, and I've always been a fan of these Koei games. DW3 to many people was the best of the series and very much so. I had to recently go out and buy an old disc of it, and I never really looked back. my first DW was DW4, but compared to DW5 it was horrible though at the time it was the best thing since sliced bread. DW5 isn't too far behind DW3 and I didn't think I'd agree with everybody saying ZOMG DW3 is the best, but it really is. Today I spend most of my time playing Warriors Orochi, because Warriors Orochi is simply amazing. Really it's everything I'd hoped from a DW SW crossover though there's really no need for a story. I can't wait until Maou Sairin comes out though, it's going to be so epic! Tenbu + Maeda Keiji or Fu Xi is just made full of win.

3. Crackdown - the best Xbox 360 game ever made, and I'm not even joking. I only wish more people played this game though. not only is it extremely fun trolling the city with these super human powers but... I feel a sense of accomplishment killing those bosses and stuff.

4. Pokemon - no specific pokemon game but Pokemon's always been awesome. I think people really have stopped caring about the stupid stereotypes and came to really appreciate pokemon in its entirety.

5. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II - this game was truly fun, and possibly had my best gaming accomplishments ever. I will never forget when I finally got that legit Lavis Cannon or my level 126 HuMar that started it all for me. This game would've been golden if they somehow fixed the duping issues. There's a new one out called Phantasy Star Universe... but I feel like hanging up Leon Silver back where I left him... in Ragol slaying those damn Booma's, Forest Dragons, Dark Flows, Delsabers, and Rappy's. ah the memories...

Honorable Mentions: Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros(series), Call of Duty 4(PC), Star Wars: KOTOR(I and II), Monster Hunter(PSP versions)

Here are the people I frequently listen to in no particular order. except the first 5 are my favorites.

Bloc Party
The Mars Volta
Arctic Monkeys
At The Drive-In
The Hives
Velvet Revolver
Kanye West
Lupe Fiasco
Cool Kids
Foo Fighters
Young Jeezy
Missy Elliot
Three Days Grace
The Raconteurs
The Strokes
The White Stripes
The Whitest Boy Alive(Amazing songs tbh)
Stone Temple Pilots(Core only)
Rick Astley(not joking. WHENEVA YOU NEED SOMEBODAY)
Maroon 5(hated at first, but they're cool now)


Gonna lurk
mmmm... you can find me if you really need me. Lol

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it's in the biography .

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