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Jun 6, 12 4:43pm
The absolute best of the best, one of the originals... better than The Sims 3 in opinion. Still my favorite game of all time. Perfection. TheSims2
Jun 6, 12 4:39pm
Not too fond of the storyline or graphics, but good for its time, definitely a worthy and vital part of any The Sims timeline. TheSims2
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  • "This remains one of the greatest DS games I have ever played. I love it to bits! TheSims2"
    TurtleShroom Jan 17, 13 7:00pm
  • "Its awesome1 TheSims2"
    kareeba68 Dec 8, 12 4:30pm
  • "Good appearance, some new features, and various exclusive items. Recommendable to say the least. TheSims2"
    ellipsis Sep 3, 12 5:46pm
  • "Easily my favorite game... unbeatably spectacular... the real deal. TheSims2"
    Lazy Jun 9, 12 12:56am
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