is reading Forever Amber (1947) by Kathleen Winsor.
This and Forever Amber are simply the best books available. 'Nuff said. GoneWithTheWind
Definitely my favorite movie of all time. GoneWithTheWind
Really would like this Expansion Pack... my love of animals screams out to buy it. Hope I can find it cheap-ish. TheSims2Pets Mac
The absolute best of the best, one of the originals... better than The Sims 3 in opinion. Still my favorite game of all time. Perfection. TheSims2 Mac
Love it! Love it love it love it love it! Controlling the pets is a dream come true in this installment! TheSims3Pets 3DS
Could be better, but it was one of my first 3DS games, and it's a great installment to the The Sims series. TheSims3 3DS
My first Nintendogs + Cats game and so realistic it's creepy, this game is an honest pleasure to have. NintendogsCatsGoldenRetrieverandNewFriends 3DS
The latest in my collection of Nintendogs + Cats games, overwhelmingly cute and irresistibly realistic. 10 out of 10 anytime. NintendogsCatsFrenchBulldogandNewFriends 3DS
It's got some glitches, but also lots of features and perfectly tolerable graphics, so I wouldn't hesitate to give it a good review. TheSims3 DS
Not too fond of the storyline or graphics, but good for its time, definitely a worthy and vital part of any The Sims timeline. TheSims2 DS
Love it, special to me because of my very own Labrador, my eternal BFF. NintendogsLabradorandFriends DS
The latest and final of my original Nintendogs games, the cute puppies and Simulation-style gaming get me every time. NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
First DS game I ever got... brings back beautiful memories of Pippa, my dear dear Boxer. *sniffle* NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
One of the few Sims games with a storyline... but not missing that addictive Sims vibe. Fun, new and fresh, with the added bonus of chimps. TheSims2Castaway Wii
Still a favorite. Missing some vital features of The Sims 2, but still a great game. TheSims2Pets Wii
Pretty terrible graphics and very poorly made, but still fun. TheSims3 Wii
The first Sims game I ever played... without this, I wouldn't be where I am now in the Simulation/Strategy gaming world. *sniffle* TheSims2Pets PS2

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